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The Must-Have Health Services for Healthy Living

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The provision of essential health services is vital to healthy living and survival. Having access to primary health care ensures your health and well-being through the provision of your health needs. It involves comprehensive care in prevention, treatments, and wellness.

Suppose you are looking for a patient-focused primary care practice Stone Mountain Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. is the place to be. The practice offers a wide variety of health services to address all your primary care concerns. Learn more about their services by contacting their office for a consultation.

You can expect to find and receive the following services at Oasis Healthcare service:

Wellness Visit

Wellness visits or general health checkups are the primary factors in preserving your health. It involves preventative care, disease screenings, medical evaluations, diagnosis, medical evaluations, and treatments. Annual health checkups are recommendable to maintain your health and wellness.

Wellness visits at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. includes the following:

·         Physical examination.

·         Medical history review.

·         Vital signs check.

·         Diagnostic testing.

·         Treatment for any detected health problem.


Sometimes reaching a physical health practice can be a hassle. Telehealth services at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. allow you to access your medical care virtually at your convenient location. The services allow saving time and money while enhancing your privacy.

You can access all primary care services through telehealth. Your provider conducts your consultation as they would in-person, except for this case, it occurs virtually. In some cases, your provider may recommend attending physical visits for diagnostic tests.

The medical provider also recommends treatments or may refer you to a specialist.

DOT Physical

DOT or Department Of Transportation physicals is a physical examination to evaluate your health before operating a commercial motor vehicle. Oasis Healthcare Service Inc. performs thorough DOT physicals and fills in a report for your employer.

DOT physicals are a requirement every year to prove to your employer, you are healthy and eligible to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

You need to bring the following during your DOT physical at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc.

·         Vaccination records.

·         List of medication and doses.

·         Medical release form in case of a disability.

·         Photo ID.

·         A form of payment.

After passing your DOT exam, your provider completes your DOT medical examiner’s certificate to show you are eligible to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

Urgent Visit

It is common for urgent health needs to arise at any time. Urgent care allows you to have immediate medical care to address your health concerns. Urgent visits allow you to see your medical provider without waiting for an appointment.

The following health issues may require urgent care:

·         Migraines

·         Sprains and strains

·         Seizures

·         Asthma symptoms

·         Sore throat

·         Sexually transmitted diseases

·         Chronic disease management

·         Urinary tract infections

Women’s Health

Regular wellness visits to a women’s health specialist can help promote healthy living in women. Women’s health care at Oasis Healthcare Service includes the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of various women’s health issues.

Contact a Primary Care Provider Today

Having your go-to medical provider is beneficial to your health. It helps with the provision of vital health services, including urgent care. Consider talking to Oasis Healthcare Service Inc. today for a consultation.

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