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The Injuries That a Sports and Family Medicine Specialist Can Treat


Injuries while at the field happen all the time. It does not matter whether you are pro or are engaging in sports to pass the time. One wrong move can turn out to be a serious injury that only a Princeton Sports and Family Medicine specialist can diagnose and treat. To determine whether you are the perfect candidate for the services rendered at Princeton Sports and Family Medicine, here are some warning signs you need to watch for:


Are you a baseball player? If yes, then it is possible to sustain an injury that may affect your shoulders, neck, or upper arm when taking a swing. For you to sustain a fracture, it means the bone may start to look and feel abnormal. You may also notice inflammation in that area. The chances are your doctor may refer you to a sports medicine specialist for advanced treatment.

You experience symptoms of tingling sensations, burning, or redness

If you went for a morning run and sprained your ankle, you may experience redness, burning, or tingling sensations in your lower leg. You will only see it outside of your ankle, but that could also mean that something serious is happening on the inside. If it gets to a point where your pain or swelling is too much for you to walk, you should see a sports medicine doctor.

Pain that does not go away

After massaging the affected area, applying ice, or taking pain relievers, the pain you are experiencing should subside. But when it persists for several weeks, then it means something is brewing. The sooner you see a sports medicine specialist, the higher your chances of confirming whether you have a fracture or anything else, and the sooner you can experience healing.

If your injury affects your quality of life

If you are a football player, you can develop knee pain from over-using your leg muscles. The pain may become so unbearable that even lifting your leg to climb the stairs may be an uphill task. Do not assume that your muscles are not jeopardized. Your pain can stand in the way of your day-to-day activities. And since you want to stay active and engage in what you love the most, working with a sports medicine expert is the only way that can assure you of returning to excellent performance.

A Sports Medicine Specialist Can Make Your Pain Go Away

One thing that makes Princeton Sports and Family Medicine team stand out is its patient-centered programs. Whether you are looking for a primary care provider, a family medicine specialist, or an adult and pediatric specialist, they will be at your service. Besides sports-related injuries, the team also addresses weight loss, UTIs, STDs, women’s health, and adolescent health. It is an all-family clinic that provides an excellent patient experience. To learn more about sports medicine services, book an appointment online or call the office.

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