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The Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Surgery

Lasers have been effectively used in different medical fields and have proven to be highly effective compared to other methods. In dentistry, lasers have been used differently in many procedures with success. Light beams are focused at the places of interest where tissues can be removed or altered to treat a problem.

You may wonder about the benefits of using a laser during gum surgery over other traditional methods. Your worry should end now because in Tarzana, laser gum surgery has been successfully done at Around the Corner Dental Health SPA and has proven excellent benefits as outlined below.

It is interesting to know how laser gum surgery is done. Gum treatment is necessary when the bone and the tissues supporting the teeth are infected. The infection may result from chronic illnesses, smoking, genetic susceptibility, or poor oral health.

There are traditional non-surgical treatment methods that could be used to treat the gum disease but are somewhat less effective. Laser gum surgery is more effective as the procedure is regenerative, bone-building, and tissue preserving. The laser is used to kill tissues that are infected with effectiveness as the laser can distinguish between affected tissues and healthy tissues.

The benefits of laser gum surgery compared to other gum treatment methods include:

Virtually pain-free
Dr. Kaveh Kanani of Around the Corner Dental Health SPA uses a Waterlase®, a revolutionary advanced laser to perform laser gum surgery. Water used in this technology protects tissues in the gum from laser heat. Moreover, due to less cutting involved, it causes less discomfort compared to traditional methods that can be more painful due to cutting and suturing of the gum.

Less healing-time
Lasers accurately remove dead tissues and kill living bacteria, leaving healthy teeth, gum, and bone tissue unaffected. Rapid healing happens as there are no additional complications due to surgical cuttings.

No recessions
Recession lines cut during surgery can cause other complications. For example, tooth roots can be exposed by a recessed gum line, which causes eating and drinking discomfort due to heat or cold sensitivity. Laser surgery does not require gum recession and therefore preserves the natural appearance.

Can be Customized for you
A treatment that best addresses your unique issues is always better. Dr. Kanani can examine your gum infection level and, therefore, can adjust the laser to suit you. Through this, the results can be long-lasting and more effective.

Other benefits include minimized risk of bacterial infection, less bleeding and swelling, and anesthetics are not used in most cases. The traditional gum surgery, contrary to laser gum surgery, has more complications, including more bleeding and swelling, prolonged healing time, anesthetics are mainly used, more pain, etc. Therefore, it means that the use of lasers is outstanding and the best option.

It is better to make an appointment at Around the Corner Dental Health SPA and meet Dr. Kanani than to suffer due to gum surgery’s anxiety. Laser gum surgery is virtually painless, takes less time to heal, and gives you long-lasting results. This can be the beginning of the end of your gum infection.

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