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Millions of Americans every year choose to get dentures to replace their missing teeth and restore their attractive and bright smiles. Dentures in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca, Raton, North Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Pompano Beach, and Jupiter are fitted and created by highly qualified and experienced dentures specialists at SEDA Dental. To discover how dentures can restore your beautiful smile, schedule an appointment by calling the office closest to you or request online with one of the most renowned practices in Florida – SEDA Dental.

What are Dentures?

As a person ages, it is typical to experience tooth loss caused by facial trauma, periodontal disease, or usual wear and tear. Although it is common, tooth loss might have numerous detrimental repercussions. In most cases, it mainly affects your appearance and self-esteem. Even though there are multiple ways to replace missing teeth, dentures are among the most widely used methods.

Dentures not only work to replace missing teeth, and enhance your smile, but also can significantly help by allowing you to eat hard foods, which you could have otherwise had trouble chewing. Dentures are removable, oral inserts that serve to replace an entire teeth arch, referred to as a complete denture, or only part of the tooth on your lower or upper arch, known as a partial denture.

Who Is the Right Candidate for Dentures?

In oral care, dentures are widely used. They serve as a perfect solution for a person who is missing an entire tooth arch. Additionally, a person missing some part of their teeth on either the lower or upper arch can fit dentures alongside their natural teeth and act as a replacement to the missing ones.

Before the specialists can recommend dentures, they first check the condition of the patient’s gums. A patient should have a robust jawbone and healthy gums for dentures to work effectively. At times, the doctor might remove the teeth so that the dentures fit entirely. The team of SEDA Dental specialists works closely with patients to create a custom treatment plan that meets all their needs, and ultimately restores your smile, in turn, bringing back the lost self-confidence.

What to Expect During a Denture Procedure

First and foremost, SEDA Dental specialists do an oral examination and create custom dentures that adequately fit your needs. Once the dentures are ready, the specialist will adjust it accordingly to comfortably fit in your mouth. Initially, the dentures might feel uncomfortable, but this feeling wears off with time, and you will speak or eat with ease.

After the dentures are fixed, you should take proper care of them to ensure they last for a long time. Some of the maintenance practices include cleaning them regularly and soaking them overnight to prevent drying out. Furthermore, it is essential to get frequent dental checkups at SEDA Dental to make sure the dentures sit comfortably, and your general oral health is good.

In conclusion, the team of SEDA Dental provides comprehensive and compassionate oral care. The providers implement a multidisciplinary approach to address any dental problem. If you would like to replace a missing tooth or teeth using dentures, schedule an appointment with SEDA Dental dentures specialists today by calling our office or request online.

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