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Stop Suffering from Sciatica Pain – Get Treatment from A Spine Surgeon in Dayton, OH

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Sciatica pain originates in the gluteal region and is caused by injury, compression, or inflammation surrounding the sciatica nerve roots. The pain originating the buttocks or lower back then radiates to the lower leg which is the telltale sign of sciatica pain. Pain can be experienced at any region that falls in the path of sciatica nerve supply. 

The spine surgeon at Vertrae clinic located in Springfield and Dayton, Ohio provides one of the best Dayton sciatica treatments in the city. Based on your symptoms and diagnostic evidence, you will be either given a course of oral medicine combined with physical therapy or will be advised for surgical intervention to treat your sciatica pain. In some cases, steroid injections can also give relief from symptomatic pain. 

Sciatica pain can be accompanied by the following symptoms: 

  • Sharp, shooting pain that some people describe comes in jolts and can give a burning or electric-like sensation.
  • The pain in the leg feels more severe compared to its origination point. 
  • Any sudden movement of the body or legs can worsen the pain. 
  • Numbness in the lower extremity. 
  • Tingling or pins and needle sensation in the toes and foot of the affected side. 
  • Muscle weakness in the lower extremity of the affected side. 

Sciatica treatment

Acute and chronic sciatica pain can be caused by a variety of factors such as disc herniation or spinal arthritis respectively. Based upon the underlying cause that is pinching the sciatica nerve, a treatment plan can be developed by your spine doctor in Dayton, OH.

For acute pain, the doctors will recommend:

  • Painkillers to manage pain. 
  • Light exercises such as stretching and walking improve the mobility in the affected leg.
  • Use of alternating hot and cold compression to alleviate the pain.

Even for chronic pain, you will be given some pain killers and you will be given an appointment for physical therapy and behavioral pain management therapy. If the pain keeps intensifying, your treating doctor in Dayton, OH may advise surgical interventions such as laminectomy or discectomy to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Your pregnancy status puts you at a higher risk of developing sciatica. This is because you are at higher risk of developing slip disc due to the loosened ligaments that otherwise keep the spine in a stable position. This loosening is caused by pregnancy hormones, which prepare your body for childbirth. Also, the baby’s position can put pressure on the sciatica nerve and hence, produce the same symptoms. 

If you are pregnant and you feel you have developed typical sciatica pain recently, you must consult your gynecologist. 

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