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Speeding Up Your Recovery Process after Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Dealing with neck pain can be nightmarish if you do not understand its causes and what treatment options are at your disposal. Any neck specialist can attest that most patients do not know how to navigate life with neck pain even after treatment. If you had tried ice packs, pain relievers, and stretching exercises, and they have not worked, it is time you saw a Studio City neck pain specialist.

After your treatment at Pain Relief Center Studio City, you may be wondering how to cope with your recovery. The team is ready to share the following tips:

What to do after neck pain treatment

  1.     Get an ergonomically compliant chair

Chances are your neck pain could have developed due to poor sitting posture or not using an ergonomically compliant chair. You may have been too engrossed in your work to notice that your chair was a risk factor for neck pain. It is time you went shopping for a chair that will not hurt your neck muscles and ligaments. Try to ask your doctor to recommend the best chair to aid your faster recovery.

  1.     Engage in exercises that promote a range of motion

After treatment, your neck pain might not go away immediately. You will still need to engage in exercises that promote a range of motion. You can try moving your neck as if you are nodding or side by side as if you are rejecting someone’s offer. These types of exercises strengthen your neck muscles, leading to gradual relief. If you sense discomfort while exercising your neck, inform your specialist to determine what is wrong.

  1.     Get a high-density mattress and pillow

High-density or firm mattresses might not be everyone’s choice of sleeping essentials. However, if you have already received neck pain treatment, it would be unjust to sleep on a mattress that accelerates your neck pain. Switching to a good mattress can speed up your neck pain recovery.

  1.     Take prescribed pain killers

If you have undergone surgery for neck pain, you might experience some pain. It is part of your healing process, so you do not need to worry. Your doctor or spine specialist will most likely prescribe pain relievers to make you feel better. Make sure you take the drugs as per your doctor’s instructions, as too much dependency can lead to future complications.

  1.     Request for a soft neck collar

The neck collar is designed to prevent your neck from making the wrong angles. It aligns your neck in such a way that it cannot make a wrong move. However, neck collars are temporary measures to acute pain. If you wear it longer than usual, your neck muscles might not strengthen as they should.

Get an expert opinion from your neck pain specialist

Whether acute or chronic, neck pain can be devastating, primarily if you have not found a permanent treatment option. The best way to heal faster is to see a neck pain specialist. After your treatment, your doctor can advise you on what to do to achieve faster recovery and prevent it from developing in the future. To know neck pain causes and treatment options, see a specialist today.

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