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Finding it Hard to Conceive? There is Hope


When a couple is planning to have a baby, there is so much expectation and joy. Unfortunately, all their charm and expectation can turn to frustration and worry when they are not lucky enough to conceive after trying for over one year. The good news is that your South Charleston fertility evaluation specialists can help determine your fertility problem to help make your dream of becoming a parent come true.

When should you consider fertility evaluation?

Your doctor advises you to consider going for fertility evaluation:

  •         If you are a woman below 35 years having well-timed intimacy for one year without conceiving.
  •         If you are a woman between ages 35 to 40, practiced well-timed intercourse for six months without conceiving.
  •         If you are a woman above 40 years, having tried well-timed intimacy for three months without success.

Fertility evaluation tests for women

When you go for fertility evaluation tests, your doctor will go through your medical history and request to know your family history. The test that your doctor will conduct are as follows:

Ovarian Reserve Testing

Your doctor will recommend this test if:

  • You are over thirty-five years
  • You have a single ovary
  • Your family has a history of early menopause
  • In case you exhibit a poor reaction to gonadotropin ovarian stimulation
  • Have mysterious infertility and if you have had ovarian surgery.

Transvaginal ultrasonography

The test will be carried out to examine the ovaries and uterus for any abnormalities like ovarian cysts and fibroids. Your doctor will perform the test by placing the ultrasound probe in your vagina.


Your doctor will use this test to determine if your uterine cavity is normal and check if your fallopian tubes are open. Your doctor will perform this procedure by inserting a catheter into your cervix opening through your vagina.


A laparoscopy test will be used to examine your pelvic cavity for pelvic adhesions, ovaries, and fallopian tubes and check the surface of your uterus. Your doctor will carry out the procedure by making an incision on your abdomen and inserting a laparoscope into your pelvic cavity.

Fertility evaluation for men

If you are a couple, your doctor will carry out sperm analyses of your spouse. The investigations will include:


Your doctor will take a sample of live sperm to examine the percentage of healthy sperm with a forward movement. If your sperm is of good quality, it will manage to fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube.

Semen volume

Your doctor will check the amount of ejaculated sperm. If you have a lower sperm count, you may have a blockage in your seminal testicles where your seminal fluid production is done.


Your doctor will determine the percentage of your sperms that is of standard shape and if your sperm is fully developed in the testicle through morphology. If your sperm is not mature, it might not fertilize the female egg.

After fertility evaluation

After fertility evaluation, your doctor will disclose your problem to you and talk over the right treatment option to increase your chances of conceiving.

If you are struggling to conceive, call or book an appointment online with Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc.

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