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Planning for Spine Surgery? Everything You Need to Know


It’s common to hear people talking of back pain occasionally. A percentage of 8% of the total adults in the U.S. are suffering from chronic back pain. Such problems can lower the quality of life and often reduce productivity as some tasks are hard to perform. Spine surgery can be a worthy treatment option as it deals with multiple problems such as herniated discs and compression fractures. In East Brunswick, New Jersey, you’ll find facilities that offer the necessary treatments for spine-related issues. When looking for assistance on spine surgery in East Brunswick, find the best facility. Here are a couple of things to understand ahead of your treatment.

Which Conditions Need a Spine Surgery?

Many board-certified specialists suggest other non-invasive treatments first when dealing with your back pain. Conservative treatments such as physical therapies are also significant in strengthening the back muscles, offering more support for the spine. However, some conditions require surgical intervention.

Surgery is key if you’re having herniated discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and compression fractures. Other orthopedic disorders such as arthritis need these invasive or minimally invasive procedures. Back pain also emanates from nerve problems, and a corrective way may be through spine surgery.

Types of Spine Surgeries

When we talk of the categories of the surgeries, there are several of them. Each one of them has a specific spine problem which it tries to address. For the back of the vertebra (lamina), a laminectomy procedure is significant. The surgeon removes some part of your lamina in this treatment, creating more space in the spinal canal. If you’re experiencing nerve compression, this treatment will act as a remedy.

Discectomies are also types of spine surgeries that mainly target damaged spinal discs. The procedure can do the removal of the affected ones either partially or fully. Microdiscectomies also serve the same purpose and can relieve you from nerve problems.

Thirdly, a surgeon can replace a disc in case of a fracture within the vertebral discs or herniated ones. The replacement is usually through fitting with a prosthetic disc which will serve the same purpose as a normal disc. It, therefore, reduces the friction within the spine, which could be causing problems.

Spinal fusion is another major procedure at orthopedic facilities. Through it, a specialist does some grafting on two or more vertebrae by using metal pins. They at times use graft in securing the spine, hence properly restoring your stability.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Procedures

In the orthopedic medicine field, minimally invasive treatments are gaining more popularity these days. This is due to the main benefits which they come by. For instance, they bring a lot of efficiency in lumbar and cervical surgeries. Your body will not have many incisions at the end of the service, which requires less recovery time. Other benefits include the reduction of blood loss and overall pain.

Spine surgery is an effective remedy for back pain as it deals with the problems within the bone framework. For instance, if there are damaged vertebrae discs, the procedure will effortlessly offer a remedy by fitting prosthetics. A specialist also does a proper assessment of the cause of the problem, hence offering the proper treatment.

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