In Need of IPL Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Know

In Need of IPL Treatments

Cosmetic dermatology services have gained popularity recently, and the trend is likely to continue even more. These solutions are significant as they help the skin look radiant and youthful. This makes them part and parcel of the anti-aging treatments. Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments fall under cosmetic dermatology services, which rejuvenates your skin. The procedure, however, needs a specialist for the results to be good. Pay a visit to Downtown DC IPL experts for better assistance.

Understanding IPL Treatments

Intense pulsed light treatments are critical aesthetic dermatology solutions that can help in photofacial rejuvenation. Ordinarily, for the skin to look great, it needs to be free from pigmentations, wrinkles, and scars. This procedure mainly focuses on the pigments within the skin. The IPL equipment has the ability to destroy the pigmented skin cells. This is through the use of intense pulses of light energy, which also targets the blood vessels affecting the appearance of the skin. Your body naturally removes the destroyed pigmented cells, which makes you have clear and well-toned skin.


An IPL treatment helps in dealing with different conditions. If you have some facial redness, the procedure will reduce the intensity by working on the tiny facial blood vessels. Too much sun can interfere with the way your skin looks. This sun damage cannot prevail when you seek IPL treatment. There is also a remedy to the age spots, birthmarks, stretch marks, wrinkles, and rosacea.

The cosmetic dermatologist will take time to plan for the treatment so that the final results can be outstanding. They do this from the knowledge of how diverse skin types are. This means that they first evaluate your skin structure and identify the distribution of the pigmented cells on the skin. Such analysis helps you get a customized photofacial rejuvenation procedure that leaves your skin with more youthful skin.

How Are the IPL Treatments?

Your specialist will always hold pre-treatment sessions with you. During such meetings, there will be clarification on everything regarding the procedure. If you have questions, these open discussions will suit you right. Generally, the IPL treatments take about twenty to thirty minutes. What is most important is that the whole process keeps your skin safe. The intense pulses of light energy target the pigmented and facial blood vessels only. It means that the surrounding skin tissues remain the same.

The handheld device over the treatment area will transmit the light energy into the skin. A snapping feeling emerges typically from this as the pulsed light starts working on the pigmented cells. Since your pre-treatment sessions made it clear on the sensitivity level of your skin, the expert will know what to do in reducing discomfort.  After the procedure, you may experience some expected effects. Some of these include redness and more tenderness on the skin. After four to six hours, such side effects will vanish.

Cosmetic dermatology services are very significant in the modern world. One of them is the IPL treatment which targets pigmented cells in the skin. Also, it helps in dealing with the facial blood capillaries without affecting the surrounding skin tissues. A dermatologist uses a handheld IPL device to pass an intense light pulse to the target skin areas.

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