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Natural HGH for boosting the growth of the hormone levels


The natural human growth hormone is generated in our body with the help of pituitary gland where the gland is in the pea sized part situated deep in the brain just above the gland of the hypothalamus. Despite its tiny size the pituitary gland is considered as the one of the most powerful gland in the body where it is considered not only growth hormone secretion and production for the relation to its effect but also its effect on the function of the other glands in the body. The important thing is that you must understand the difference between the synthetic somatropin HGH and natural HGH supplements when addressing to the drugs or organic HGH supplements that boosts the pituitary functions. The pituitary gland is composed of the posterior and anterior lobe where the anterior lobe produces a number hormones including the gonadotropins, growth hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone and many more others.

The HGH produced by the pituitary gland is called as the somatotropin and it’s a protein that contains the 191 amino acids. The growth hormone secreting the cells synthesizes or produces and releases the GH depending upon the message sent by the hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus gland sends the growth hormone releasing hormone to the pituitary gland by instructing it when to produce more GH based on the needs of the body. The hormone produced by the pituitary gland promotes the growth of the cells, muscle cells, organ tissues and bones cells in the body. It does this by binding itself to the receptors found on the liver cells and this binding action encourages them to release the somatomedin or more commonly known as the Insulin like growth factor -1where this factor promotes the growth of the end long bones.

Testing HGH natural hormones and some causes of the pituitary gland dysfunction

The blood test is the adequate thing in testing for the natural human growth hormone levels in the body as well as the urine test can also access the function of the pituitary gland. MRI or CT scans of the brain improve the effectiveness in assessing in order to know whether the tumor is present on the pituitary gland. A blood test will measure the level or amount of the hormone that naturally present in the blood where the individual may have this hormone in more level by naturally and some will be having less production, this is due to his diet, age, weight and many other factors. The level of the hormone can increased by the herbs that naturally promote HGH level in your body without any side effects. The normal ranges of the natural human growth hormone differ between women, men and the children.

  • For Men – less than 5ng/mL
  • For Women – Less than 10ng/mL
  • For Children – Less than 20 ng per millimeter

The hypothalamus or the pituitary dysfunction is caused by number of medical situations where one of the most common causes is pituitary gland tumor which leads to the hormone level to low in the body. Normally tumors are classified into two types namely secretory and nonsecretory where the secretory tumors produce the excessive amounts of hormone while non secretory tumor will not produce that much.

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