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How to plan a pregnancy?

How to plan a pregnancy? 1

Looking to plan for a baby! Are you worried you will not be able to get pregnant! If you and your partner are planning a pregnancy, the below-mentioned piece of information can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Most pregnancies are unplanned to the surprise of most of us.

When to have a baby

When to have, a baby is the piece of decision you need to evaluate properly. It can be an exciting and an enjoyable time for a couple. For most of them getting pregnant is not a difficult task. For some, it happens quickly, whereas for others it may take a tinge longer.

Your chances of a healthy pregnancy and the overall well being of the baby is better if you and your partner are healthy and fine. What you eat, what you drink and whether you are into smoke or drinks are important points of consideration when you are planning to have a baby. If you are concerned about your sexual health, then get a checkup done to figure out whether you do not have any sexually transmitted infections or not.

Some lifestyle changes

Planning for pregnancy also requires you to make some alterations as far as your lifestyle is concerned. Both you and your partner should undertake regular exercise so that you are both healthy and fine. Even if you are not into too much exercise, now is the right time to start one. It will reduce your stress and improve your overall health and if you are not used to one, start slowly. Swimming and walking can help and if you can practice yoga nothing better than that. Once you have become pregnant, you should avoid exercises which take a toll on your abdomen like martial arts. Extra care should be taken so that the risk of falling or losing your balance reduces considerably.

The weight

What you eat and how much you exercise has a direct impact on the amount of weight you put on. If you are underweight or overweight, it may lead to irregular periods and the chances of getting pregnant reduces considerably.

Vitamin D

Women who are confined to their homes or are properly confined to the interiors of their homes would need adequate exposure to vitamin D. In this regard, you would need to seek advice from your doctor.


It is a strict no and if you and your partner are into it the chances of fertility reduces considerably. It is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself along with the baby in the stomach. Women who smoke during pregnancy have a greater chance of miscarriage or giving birth to low weight babies.

Babies who are born in this manner may tend to have a lot of health problems and this may lead to premature death. Once you have had your baby stop smoking completely. In the case of babies whose parents smoke, they are more likely to have a cough and chest infections. If you and your partner need some form of help to quit smoking you can seek outside help by visiting a doctor.


Some work environment or occupations may lead to potential problems when your partner becomes pregnant. If you are concerned about this speak to the higher authorities in your organization.

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