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Losing weight using Osymia

Losing weight

Losing the extra pounds to become a fitter person is the greatest and almost impossible challenge that the persons who are obese, face. Being obese can lead to a host of health problems that could be irreversible and also increase your medical bills. Health problems that are linked to obesity usually involve very high treatment costs. Though lifestyle changes are suggested to reduce the extra pounds, when the desired results are not achieved health practitioners suggest diet pills or surgery to bring the situation under control. One of the drugs that the FDA has approved for use by the obese patients to lose weight is Osymia, which is a prescription drug that helps you feel more full after eating a small meal.

What is Osymia?

It is a weight loss pill that has been approved by the FDA recently for obese patients to lose weight. It is a prescription drug that has hit the shelves of almost all the pharmacies in the USA. This drug is a combination of the Compound Phentermine, which is a powerful stimulant and an appetite suppressant and Topirimate, which is a compound that helps you feel more full after eating, even though you take just a small portion.Osymia being a combination of these two compounds is found to produce much better results than when phentermine or Topirimate are taken alone.

What is the cost of Osymia?

The cost of Osymia works out to $200 per month. But the reason that Osymia has been approved for use by obese patients is on the premise that it would bring down the obesity associated medical costs which would eventually work out to be very expensive. They estimated that the savings would be to the tune of $5000 which would aggregate to many million US Dollars.

Who could take Osymia? What results can you expect?

Osymia is a drug that is prescribed for patients who are obese and the BMI over 30. In certain cases, even persons with a BMI of 27 are prescribed this drug, if they are both diabetic and hypertensive. As far as the results you can expect are concerned, studies reveal that on an average 20lbs of weight can be lost in a year, if you use Osymia. You could expect the best result for chronic weight management only if you take a low-calorie diet and increase the physical activity.

Will there be any side effects?

Osymia should be prescribed only after a thorough physical evaluation. Osymia is a sort of a habit forming drug and hence it should not be used by pregnant women. Pregnancy-free test must be done before the drug is prescribed. When you stop taking Osymia, you might experience side-effects like insomnia, tingling of extremities, dizziness and others.

If you lose the extra weight, you will feel healthier and you can live longer. Get rid of the extra pounds using Osymia and follow it up with lifestyle changes to lead a healthy long life.

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