Little-Known Secrets to Improve Your Skin Condition

Improve Skin Condition

Do you experience itchy skin all over resulting from an unknown cause? If so, your symptoms may be due to a skin allergy. Do not let skin irritation stop you from living your best life. If you seek top-notch New York skin allergy testing, you are in good hands at Lumos Dermatology®. Contact the providers by phone or use the online booking feature to determine the cause of your skin troubles and benefit from a customized treatment plan.

What is Skin Allergy?

When your skin comes into contact with a material that it deems toxic, even if it isn’t for most people, it triggers an immunological response that results in a rash. An allergic reaction induces some of the most common skin rashes, including:


Eczema, often titled atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition caused by an allergic reaction. Eczema can induce a rash that is red, itchy and leaks a yellowish substance.

Contact Dermatitis

A rash arising when your skin comes into contact with an allergen, such as soap, detergent, or some metals, is known as contact dermatitis. You may get blisters, and your rash may itch or burn if you have contact dermatitis.


Hives are red lesions on the skin that can be acute or chronic in nature. Hives can result from infection as well as interaction with an allergen.

Suppose you develop a rash and presume it is the result of an allergic reaction. In that case, the board-certified dermatologists at Lumos Dermatology® can explain how skin allergy testing verifies whether allergies are the underlying reason.

What Can I Anticipate During Skin Allergy Testing?

Your skin allergy testing is done in the office by the professionals at Lumos Dermatology®. The practice’s board-certified dermatologists undertake all examinations, treatment plans, and treatments.

Your dermatologist will prick your skin with the potential allergens during skin allergy testing and wait for a reaction. During skin allergy testing, you should not feel any inconvenience. Your skin is examined for traces of a reaction about 15 minutes after it has been pricked. A red, itchy mark that resembles a mosquito bite may indicate an allergy.

Skin Allergy Treatment

Once your allergy has been found, the staff at Lumos Dermatology® collaborates with you to devise a treatment plan that will minimize your exposure to the chemical causing your rash. Normally, this entails avoiding the allergen.

If you have a skin allergy during your tests, you may be given topical or oral medication to relieve your symptoms. It’s also critical to keep your inflamed skin out of the sun, which might exacerbate your symptoms.

A positive skin test shows that you are allergic to a certain substance. Larger blisters usually indicate greater sensitivity. A negative skin test suggests that you are not allergic to any specific allergen.

Medication, immunotherapy, adjustments to your work or home environment, or diet modification may all be part of your allergy treatment strategy. Inquire with your provider about any aspects of your diagnosis or treatment that you do not understand.

If you are curious about allergies, call or go online to Lumos Dermatology® to book a consultation for skin allergy testing.

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