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Knocked-out Teeth, The Most Severe Dental Emergency Condition

Dental Emergency

As everyone knows, permanent teeth are the most valuable part of the human body because they play an essential role in preserving their well-being and health. Unfortunately, several reasons threaten your teeth’ health and cause severe dental emergency conditions. For example, those who visit their emergency dentists with unbearable dental pain are likely to lose their teeth because of severe dental decays. In other cases, professional dentists recommend wisdom tooth extraction to preserve the health of surrounding teeth. But the most severe dental emergency issue that can result in tooth loss is knocked-out teeth. As a professional dental specialist at emergency dentistry in downtown Vancouver describes, several unexpected reasons can cause knocked-out teeth, like a blow to your mouth during a contact sport or a car accident. Although we hope you never experience this severe and painful condition in your life, learning some simple instructions will be so beneficial to handle the condition if you, your loved one, or a friend experience knocked-out teeth.

How to Differentiate Fractured, & Knocked-out Teeth

The first step to knowing what is the best performance to deal with this severe dental issue is learning some easy tips to differentiate between fractured and knocked-out teeth:

Fractured Teeth: Generally, the upper front teeth are more likely to be fractured when chewing or biting hard things. Possibly you have an incomplete, fractured tooth. If you have dental sensitivity or experience pain and discomfort while eating, don’t hesitate to visit your professional dentists because they can repair your tooth if a piece is not separated. But in severe cases, your conditions will be treated by placing a crown over the affected site. Besides, you may require root canal therapy if the root of your teeth is damaged too.

Knocked-out Teeth: The most important point that should be noted is that those who have experienced knocked-out teeth should be instantly taken to the closest dental emergency clinic to eliminate the adverse consequences that will last forever. Studies have shown that if knocked-out teeth are re-implanted within an hour, your teeth will be preserved successfully.

Although it is highly recommended to place knocked-out teeth back in their socket immediately, most people can’t do it because they are so stressed and have unbearable pain. If it is impossible for you to replace the damaged tooth in its correct position, breathe deeply to make yourself calm and relax. Then, keep the tooth in a small container without touching the sensitive root and visit the nearest emergency dentist without hesitation. Luckily, experienced and dedicated emergency dentists are equipped with a wide range of technical tools to provide urgent dental care to control your pain and bleeding and re-implant your knocked-out teeth in the blink of an eye.

Taking Care of Re-Implanted Teeth

The following items are the most practical tips for taking care of re-implanted teeth:

Use a Soft Brush to slightly clean your re-implanted teeth.

Avoid some toothpaste that is too abrasive because these types of products may cause some amount of pain and discomfort.

Daily flossing is a must.

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