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How Do Dental Veneers and Teeth Whitening Differ from Each Other?

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One of the important things about having a beautiful appearance is a lovely smile. Most people put a premium on their smiles and oral condition as they know how a brilliant smile can be attractive and charming. However, these days, the lifestyle is attached to some everyday habits like coffee, tea, and other instances that can decrease your pretty smile quality. Nobody is interested in having stained, discolored, and damaged teeth as it can lead to low self-confidence, unattractive smile, and even other dental problems. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has been provided the best possible options, like dental veneers and teeth whitening for people who need to enhance the beauty of their smiles and suffer from cosmetic dental issues. Dentists who provide dental veneer in Vaughan point out that these thin shells are not reversible, as the cosmetic dentist removes a small portion of your tooth enamel to place them.

There are two popular choices to address these visual issues, including teeth whitening treatment and cosmetic dental veneers. These are the treatments widely used by different patients with cosmetic dental problems to boost their smiles and make themselves confident again. But which one is a better option according to your requirements and circumstances? This article is right for you if you seek cosmetic dental procedures and are still hesitant between teeth whitening and dental veneers.

Longevity: One of the critical factors for many patients is how durable the dental veneers or teeth whitening treatment is. Bleaching teeth with teeth whitening is considered to be one of the fastest and most effective ways of bleaching teeth, but it may need to be repeated regularly due to its short durability. On the contrary, cosmetic veneers can last even more than 15 years if you maintain correct oral hygiene and is an excellent option for those who prefer long-lasting procedures.

Speed: The process of whitening your teeth with the skills of a cosmetic dentist is definitely shorter than the dental veneer procedure. In contrast to veneers, teeth whitening can be completed in just one hour, unlike the multiple visits and weeks needed for veneers. However, patients with unacceptable oral conditions like decayed or broken teeth can’t be a candidate for teeth whitening and need repair work to become qualified. Observe your demands to see how urgent you need to boost your smile and ask your cosmetic dentist for helpful advice according to your condition.

Procedure: The process of dental veneers includes several steps that patients need to be endured or even sedated. During dental veneers, you are obliged to visit your cosmetic dentist multiple times to have a perfect set of cosmetic veneers. Yet, most patients don’t report any pain and discomfort during the teeth whitening process, and most of them don’t need sedative medication except ones who become severely anxious.

Cost: It’s expected to find cosmetic veneers much more expensive than teeth whitening treatments according to their specific features and advantages. Porcelain veneers are much more durable and have a complicated process that makes them more costly than teeth whitening. Observe your condition and remember that dental veneers are for life, and your money can be saved over time as your teeth are much more protected with the help of veneers.

A beautiful smile is what you deserve, so don’t overlook visiting a cosmetic dentist if it’s necessary.

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