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Unlike traditional braces, modern Invisalign mainly relies only in the transparent mouthpiece to gradually move around the teeth without being noticed. Metallic wires and brackets are old traditions and not suitable for a beautiful look however the new technology has given way for the Invisalign to get a sense of confidence. Most of the people do not bring unnecessary attention for themselves with covering the teeth as it is quite embarrassing so this recent Invisalign has given the best options for the ultimate care. Invisalign can be customized brilliantly for each individual as every mouthpiece is different and fit to the teeth. Shape the teeth according to your needs with the different modeling techniques. Orthodontist and the Invisalign laboratory is ready to easily mold a one-of-a-kind mouthpiece that is unique and fits to your mouth. Lot of patients used braces complained that it is quite painful so that they could permanently damage the mouth. Invisalign is the alternative option for getting a smart look.

Drescher & Cohen Team:

Steve Drescher & Solomon Cohen D.D.S. love performing all aspects of dentistry and they are the great professionals who are quite suitable for offering the high end treatment helping my patients. Drescher & Cohen D.D.S. have years of experience and provides the great smiles along with the orthodontics, implant dentistry or aesthetic dentistry treatment to the great extent. They provide great satisfaction and convert the scared dental patients to get a beautiful smile. Patient comfort and care are the top priorities and the dentist believes in life-long commitment to the patient with giving the most professional style of dentistry to the maximum. They are able to express their passion in the complex restorative as well as cosmetic dental cases. Dentists also educates the patients so that they could easily able to make the possible decision in the absolute way.

Professional Cosmetic Dentist:

Cosmetic dentistry are mainly concerned with appearance of the teeth to enhance the smile of the person to the maximum extend. Cosmetic Dentist includes art and aesthetics in the dentistry. Cosmetic dentist could easily transform the ways of your smile in the astounding way and suitable for enjoying highest benefits. Most common areas of treatment of teeth are suitable for the discolored, missing, chipped, or misshapen. Skilled dentist could easily reshape your teeth, restore worn out teeth, close spaces, or they could easily alter the length of your teeth. Cosmetic Dentist include common procedures such as bleaching, bonding, contouring, crowns, or reshaping.

Steve Drescher is one of the owners at Drescher & Cohen D.D.S. He loves performing all aspects of dentistry and gets a great deal of satisfaction helping patients with their basic dental needs. He gets very excited when his staff provides patients with the great smiles they always wanted either through aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, or implant dentistry.

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