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Important Issues on Dental Care

Dental Care

Dental problems have become a big issue of concern in modern society. This has made dentists take this issue more seriously than before. Most dental patients encounter problems including teeth sensitivity and pain, gum inflammation, teeth damage, loss of teeth, halitosis, and plaque. Dental care plays a vital role in beauty hence there is a need for the rise of dentistry art. If a patient has dental issues, he or she should book an appointment with Dr. Alicia Schraner Yonkers. You are assured of getting the best services in town. Let’s have a look at some of the most common teeth problems.

Tooth Decay or Damage

Tooth decay one of the most common dental problems that face the current generation. It usually happens when bacteria from the mouth attack the enamel causing decay. Dental caries is most common in people between the ages of 20 to 55. Statistics present that about 92% of this age group have dental caries in their permanent teeth. One should seek dental attention when having this problem where the teeth are treated through filling or extraction.

Teeth Loss

Another major problem that usually affects mostly people between the age of 50 and above is tooth loss. Teeth may be lost in an accident and a dentist rectifies this by removing the teeth and replacing them with an artificial one.


It is usually a sticky film substance that forms on the surface of the teeth. It contains bacteria that cause decay as well as gum problems. It is formed when one skips the routine of brushing their teeth regularly. It usually forms a yellow substance on the surface of the teeth. If a person has plaque, he should book an appointment with a dentist to be rectified through teeth whitening or veneers.


This can be described as bad breath even after regularly brushing your teeth. It is usually caused by gum problems, especially in people who have misaligned teeth. This causes plaque formation around the teeth leading to infections. This infection is responsible for the bad breath in some individuals. If a person is experiencing this problem, he should visit the dentist so that the teeth can be aligned and whitened or preferably extracted to overcome this problem.

Tooth Sensitivity

It is one of the significant problems that most individuals are currently experiencing. It occurs when a person consumes hot or rather cold foods. Sharp pain is felt through the teeth nerves when the teeth come into contact with this hot and cold food. This is treated by brushing teeth with toothpaste that has been made to reduce the pain and prevent the pain from reaching the teeth’ nerves. Another alternative way is by extraction.


Dental problems are a serious issue affecting the current society. The dental formula plays a significant role in the beauty of a person. One should ensure that they live a healthy life to ensure they maintain good health for their teeth through brushing and regular visits to a dentist.

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