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How to Manage Sinusitis


Sometimes having facial pain can make it impossible for you to function. This pain can be a result of a condition known as sinusitis. However, should you have chronic sinusitis, Gregory Pippin, MD, and Adil Fatakia, MD, are among the best Marrero double board certified facial plastic surgeons and can help you. This is through effective treatment options such as image-guided sinuplasty at a state-of-the-art facility at ENT of New Orleans.

Understanding Sinuses

Your face has some spaces from behind that can be behind your cheeks, either side of your nose, or in your forehead. These spaces are referred to as sinuses and are usually empty but have a coating of mucus to keep the tissues lining the open space moist. This helps in the filtration of the air you breathe and can also trap bacteria.

The sinuses should drain freely to avoid mucus buildup that can block them. However, sometimes you can have a blockage, which creates pain and inflammation. The pain you experience can be severe and constant, affecting your ability to function.

How to Manage Mild and Acute Sinusitis

Note that you can have a mild sinus infection that can be managed through other conventional treatment options such as medications. This is because the medications prescribed by your provider can treat the cause of the infection or can manage the effects of your blocked sinuses. Such medications include antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays, decongestants, and antibiotics.

Additionally, flushing the sinuses with a saline solution can help manage some acute cases of sinusitis. The solution clears out the blockage by washing the mucus and the infection. Although you can get relief from this option, the sinusitis can keep on coming back.

Managing Chronic Sinusitis

Sometimes you may not benefit from the noninvasive treatment options, and there might be a need for sinus surgery to open up the sinuses. Besides, if your condition becomes chronic, you can experience some abnormal tissue growth and swelling in the sinuses, which can be managed through sinus surgery.

Getting a Sinus Surgery

If your provider recommends surgery to manage your sinusitis, several forms of the surgery can be used. However, the most common form is functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), which does not require incisions.

The treatment options involve the use of an endoscope that is inserted through your nose. This instrument is a state-of-the-art thin fabric-optic tube that can unblock your sinuses and remove any abnormal tissues.

At ENT of New Orleans, your provider can also use an on-site balloon sinuplasty to help manage your condition. This is a procedure involving the placement of a special balloon into your sinus cavity and inflating it. Inflating the balloon creates more room as the balloon pushes against the sinus’ lining while squeezing it.

Use of Image Guidance System

Your sinuses are located in vital areas nearing vital organs such as the eyes, brain, and major arteries. Therefore, any provider would want to be careful with any procedure to avoid further severe complications. This is where the image guidance system comes in. It involves infrared positional signaling and computed tomography to ensure the safety of the procedure.

The image guidance ensures that your provider is sure of the instrument’s position, which improves accuracy and ensures greater safety.

After learning how you can manage your sinusitis, you should not keep on leading a painful life. You only have to reach out to the medical experts and get the care you deserve to get back to your quality life.

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