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How is Back Pain Diagnosed?

Back Pain

Back pain is a condition that is felt when you twist your back either by bending, walking, or sleeping. This condition is common to many people across the world; however, you may incur back pain in different ways, which can be either by disease, infection, physical injuries, or internal injuries. According to health specialists, back pain that lasts for three months is considered chronic back pain. Hyattsville anesthesiology is a health center with professionals who treat and manage back pain and other chronic pain. The below paragraph explains how back pain is diagnosed.

Diagnosis of Back Pain

There are several ways your doctor can use to diagnose and check the cause of your back pain. These techniques of diagnosing chronic pain depend on the severity of the condition. Your doctor performs certain tests to check where the pain is coming from. These techniques include:

  •   X-ray. The use of X-ray devices is common in many health centers. The device produces a picture of the affected area, thus your doctor can make judgments whether it is a fracture, herniated disks, or arthritis. X-ray is considered non-perfect because it does not show pictures of worn-out tissues, nerves, and tendons.
  •   Magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging is a recent technique that makes use of magnetic fields and computer technology to produce a highly detailed image than X-ray. MRI shows fractures, herniated disks, and they show inflamed tissue, tendons, and infected nerves.
  •   Blood test. Some diseases affect nerves and moving joints. Your doctor has to take a sample of your blood to test the presence of diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Diabetes may cause your nerves to swell, thus causing pain when they are stressed.  
  •   Study of nerves. A nerve study is done to check the position and the functionality of your nerves. Electromyography is used to measure the number of electrical impulses produced by nerves with the assist of muscles.

It is essential to seek treatment since back pain limits you from doing your daily chores. However, severe back pain can cause additional complications such as paralysis and other nerve diseases. Below are ways your back pain can be treated.

Treatment and Management of Back Pain

Back pain can be treated and managed in many ways, which depends on its severity. They include:

  •       Medication. Medication is the first treatment for both severe and non-severe back pain. Medication is done to ease pain and treat the inflamed nerves and tissues.
  •       Minimally invasive surgery. Invasive surgery is a recent surgical method that is done without involving an open wound. Your doctor uses special medical equipment to put the herniated disks back to their position through an incision. Minimally invasive surgery is also used to remove the infected tissues and nerves.

Back pain may disappear as time goes by, but only to some extent, it may develop and become chronic. CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center is the best in treating and managing back pain and other pain conditions. Consult them today and see the difference.

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