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Digital Impressions Dental Procedure to Revive Your Smile

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Do you dream of a magnificent smile? If your answer is yes, then you need the dental services of Freedom Orthodontics. The center offers state-of-art procedures to give you that smile you desire and the freedom to interact with your friends. Find your Cedar Park digital impressions expert and have a true replica of your mouth for accurate placement of any new teeth and the dental services you desire.

How important are digital impressions in dental treatment

Your mouth is unique, as it will not benefit from a generalized dental procedure provided to another patient. Therefore, every time you visit a dental center, you will need digital impression services that help recreate your mouth’s exact look to improve the treatments offered by your dentist. Dental impressions help in many procedures, and you can benefit from one if you want to get Invisalign® also offered by Freedom Orthodontics.

Dental technology has come a long way, and you will notice this every time you visit a dental center. In the past, you would bite on a material called putty that created the correct impression of your mouth to help accomplish any medical procedure you wanted. However, the current age offers better methods that can help you achieve more accurate results. Freedom Orthodontics offers the procedure with a device called a 3-D intraoral scanner, which gives the most accurate representation of your mouth. The tool has a camera that takes many images of your mouth and later provides a true picture of how your mouth’s inside looks. The device produces a 3-D image on a computer attached to it nearby and allows your dentist to begin any dental procedure you desire accurately.

Are digital impressions necessary for dental procedures?

Planning is a crucial moment when you want to carry out any dental activity. Your dentist will make use of the technology before offering you any treatment. The treatment is suitable whenever you want to realign your teeth to improve your mouth’s aesthetics or any tooth replacement procedure that requires accurate placement of the new false teeth.

For example, during braces placement, your doctor will use the intraoral scanner to take a series of pictures in your mouth. The mapping will give your dentist an accurate representation of your mouth then the image of your mouth will appear on the computer screen which is also in the room.

Why should you opt for digital impressions before any dental procedure?

Making digital impressions is the simplest dental procedure you will ever find. Additionally, the procedure only works to improve the dental procedure that you desire. The use of putty has its drawbacks as the material can slide to your throat and give you additional complications. In addition to that, putty is less efficient and can make your dentist less effective in providing some dental services.

Improve the aesthetics and dental procedures in your mouth by having a dental impression procedure from Freedom Orthodontics. Begin your journey to a redefined dental experience by calling the center or booking your spot online.

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