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How Cataract Surgery Enhances Your Life

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a common procedure among Americans. It can help you preserve your vision, mainly when a cataract causes you to have blurred vision. Ophthalmologist Russel Levine, MD, offers cataract surgery in Hell’s Kitchen by removing the damaged lens and replacing it with an artificial one. Therefore, if you have been experiencing difficulties while reading, seeing objects in the distance clearly, or driving, the surgical intervention can help you. Besides, it enhances your life in several ways, as outlined below.

Treating cataract symptoms through the surgical procedure improves your overall vision. This is because cataract surgery eliminates the clouding of your eye lens, clearing the blurred vision, halos, glare, poor vision at night, among other symptoms of cataract. The best part is that you won’t feel or see the lenses that replace the damaged one. Also, you can experience improved eyesight as early as a day after the procedure. Objects will be more precise and crisper, and colors will seem brighter. After that, your vision will improve gradually as your brain adjusts to the new lens.

  •   It Boosts Your Overall Life’s Quality

As mentioned earlier, cataracts cause blurred vision. This makes it hard for you to move on with your quality of life by affecting your ability to carry out your daily activities. You might not be in a position to do the things you enjoy like reading, watching TV, knitting, playing cards, and driving. As a result, your mental health and mood will be affected, and you might not work or be independent. However, removing cataracts will restore your eyesight and give you the ability to do what you love.

  •   It Protects Your Eye Health

With a cataract, you are at higher risk of developing other eye complications such as eye inflammation and increased pressure. Besides, it increases your chances of enduring severe complications such as glaucoma, which can adversely affect your eye health. Also, some people with cataracts have been found to have damaged retinas from diabetes. Fortunately, cataracts surgery can eliminate such complications, protect your health, and because cataracts develop gradually over time, it is good to seek medical assistance as soon as possible to detect such complications as early as possible.

  •   It Helps You Stay Safe

With blurred vision, you might not see objects clearly, making you at a higher risk of fall accidents. Therefore, with improved vision after cataract surgery, the risk of falling is decreased. Besides, it will enable you to drive safely, thus reducing your chances of being involved in an accident. Research shows that the cases of broken hips reported a decrease after cataract surgery.

  •   It Can Improve Some Alzheimer’s Disease

Although research is underway to understand how cataract removal helps Alzheimer’s disease patients, a small study already shows that cataract surgery can improve some mild symptoms. For instance, through cataract surgery, your eyesight can be restored, improving your moods. When you see things around you clearly, you will better understand your surroundings, enhancing your interactions.

One thing is clear that cataract surgery is a life-changing procedure. If you have blurred vision or other symptoms you might think are related to cataracts, reach out to Eyes of New York and learn how you can benefit from the procedure.

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