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How Cannabis Can Help the Fight Against Glaucoma


Glaucoma cases have been rising year on year for the last decade, and attention has turned to cannabis as a possible way to alleviate the symptoms that sufferers experience because of this serious eye condition. It is believed that certain cannabis strains can counteract the often-debilitating effects of Glaucoma by relieving the pressure on a sufferer’s eye.

It can be hard to identify which strains are able to help. So, here are the strains we recommend.

Maui Waui

Maui Waui is probably the most popular strain for treating glaucoma. It is perfect for this purpose thanks to the sativa profile that the Maui Waui strain exhibits. Users of this strain report that it transports you to a feeling reminiscent of being on a “tropical beach”. This is where this strain gets its name from. Beware though, it has a THC concentration of 15-20%, so it is recommended that you build up some sort of resistance to THC before using the strain for the first time.


It is thought that this strain first came onto the scene way back in 1970, and it remains ever popular to this day. People have only recently started using it for relieving pressure in the eye, and it seems to work well to produce this effect. As the name suggests, it has a wicked Blueberry flavour, which is a joy to use. Other effects include increasing feelings of euphoria and happiness, so it is ideal for people who suffer from bouts of depression.

Cherry Kola

If you are looking for something different, Cherry Kola is an Indica like strain that is being touted as a great way to reduce pressure in the eye of Glaucoma sufferers. The sweet cherry taste is a massive hit for most people, so it is a pleasure to use. The calming high that you will experience is a great bonus, and this is the perfect strain to use before you go to bed. Oh, and users say that it increases feelings of hunger, so it may not be the best strain if you are looking to diet.


Lastly, we would recommend Headband. This is a great strain which also reduces chronic pain that you may experience and promotes feelings of relaxation. There is a high associated with this strain, so this may not be the strain for you if you are looking for a non-psychoactive strain.

For a personal recommendation, why not check out your local dispensary. You can find your nearest location by using the dispensaries near me tool on

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