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Helping Someone Struggling With Addiction/Substance Abuse


Seeing your loved ones struggling with substance abuse and addiction can be very disheartening and challenging at the same time. You may feel an overwhelming need to help them get better in life without knowing how. Counseling services like Tulsa Counseling offer various services and step-by-step information regarding drug abuse and recovery. 

Below are few steps you can consider while helping your loved ones going through addiction.

1. Do your research and get educated 

It is essential to know what the addicted individual is going through in life. Understand the symptoms and process of drug addiction and how it impacts the individual’s relationship with the surrounding people, including yourself. Based on the symptoms experienced by the individual, you may find the proper treatment required for them. 

Various online sites, research institutes, and libraries offer extensive knowledge about drug addiction and abuse.

2. Be Supportive and encourage their effort 

Talk to your loved ones struggling with addiction and gain their trust so they can confront you without any hesitation. Let them know how much you support and value your relationship with them. Tell them about your concerns without disrespecting their privacy and make them understand how you wish to see them prosper in life.

Offer them insights about various recovery groups and counseling services. Keep supporting them till the very last step. 

3. Get professional treatment through various counseling services

Addiction is more than physical struggle and dependence. It can be very tricky even after detox. This is where counseling plays a vital role in managing your urges and triggers.  

Talking to professionals can be very insightful. Various services provide counseling to treat substance abuse and addiction. There are group and individual therapies, support groups, and online therapies that help in treatment, medication, detoxification, and self-help. 

4. Avoid criticizing and being imposing

Be loving and supportive without making them feel emotionally threatened, as this will make them feel guilty and self-isolate without any belief in themselves. The recovery will take time, so avoid imposing and criticizing; this can make them feel threatened. 

5. Self-care

Avoid stressing out as it will create strain between yourself and the individual you’re trying to help. The treatment requires patience and may be out of your limits and comfort zone, so don’t forget to take some time for yourself. 

Drug addiction and abuse is a complex issue, and seeing your loved one struggling with it can be difficult as treatment may take time and resources but eventually will have some good results in due time. Always remember to be there for someone and yourself during difficult times. Your support and efforts always matter. 

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