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Benefits of seeing a Urologist


The common issues faced by a male but hesitate to discuss in public with a fear of being judged by society, which is the urinary and sexual systems disorders in which a man is unable to perform sexual activities or lacks interest in the physical intimacy towards their partner

There are many issues that a guy faces while performing sexual activities with his partner, and among those is Erectile Dysfunction it is also known as impotence, where a man cannot hold the erection for a long time sexual intercourse. Experiencing the dysfunction for the first time might be due to nervousness for some, and a few men take time to get comfortable with their partner, but if this continues for a long time, it creates stress inside the person. 

Several medications are available to treat stress incontinence. Anticholinergics like Ditropan and Detrol help relax the bladder muscle, and it also comes with some side effects like constipation and dry mouth. In some cases, it results in hypertension, and if the issues are uncontrollable, it is advised to see the urologist Brooklyn New York.

Some of the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction: 

  • A man is having trouble holding an erection during sexual intercourse.
  • The reduced urge of sexual attraction toward his partner not getting physically attracted towards her
  • Premature ejaculation or delayed in the ejaculation is also considered as a symptom of Erectile Dysfunction

How can this be treated?

No man ever wants to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, but due to some unfortunate reason, if anybody is facing this issue, then.

  • Consult a Urologist; consult their family doctor for people with diabetes, heart diseases, and other medical issues.
  • For regular smokers, drug addicts, there is a higher chance of facing Erectile Dysfunction. It is advised to seek a professional therapist to get rid of it.
  • People who exercise regularly find having higher testosterone levels responsible for holding an erection for a long duration.
  • Stressing out is one of the major reasons for people facing Erectile Dysfunction, so avoid taking the stress and live your life carefree.

Some of the symptoms of stress Incontinence:

  • The major symptoms are urine leakage during physical movement like working out, walking, and sometimes even coughing and sneezing. 


 Wherever a man confronts ED, cases of female stress incontinence have been reported, in which a sudden urge to urinate occurs at any time. Leading to urine leakage, infection around the intimate area, irregular menstruation cycle, disrupted sleep at night, and numerous neurological diseases

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