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Fun Facts about Physiotherapy and How it Can Change Your Life

Fun Facts about Physiotherapy and How it Can Change Your Life 1

Simple, unsophisticated iterations of physical therapy were first developed in ancient India, China, Greece, and several other regions thousands of years ago, but the medical profession of physical therapy wasn’t officially coined until the late 1910s, during World War I.

The original physiotherapists were actually referred to as reconstruction aids, and they were relied upon to perform drug-free treatments for the typical musculoskeletal injuries that arise during warfare and combat.

Several Things People Don’t Know About Modern Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is employed to spark your body’s natural curative faculties because it can activate the internal healing properties found within your spine, joints, muscular tissues, and even in your brain:

  • This unique medical practice encompasses neurological rehabilitation, cardiovascular regeneration, pulmonary restoration, post-operative recuperation, and wound care, but the programmes can be tailored to account for every type of individualised goal.
  • As the UK becomes increasingly opposed to pain pills and prescription drugs, the doctor referrals for physical therapy have doubled in prevalence since the year 2005.
  • Physiotherapy also involves some homework. Your clinician will grant you with a straightforward regimen that you can utilise within the comforts of your home to accelerate and sustain the results of your sessions.

Furthermore, you can even taper off your customary healthcare expenditures by partnering with the expert physiotherapist in Blackpool. Studies have shown that physical therapy is 18% more cost effective than treatments involving injections and 50% more economical than treatments involving surgical procedures.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Achieve Results?

To experience substantial pain relief and greater mobility, the typical patient will need at least four sessions, but usually no more than 10, after which you can employ a cost effective, needs-based relationship with your physiotherapist.

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