Common Foot Problems – A Comprehensive Knowhow

Common Foot Problems – A Comprehensive Knowhow 1

When we look into the various foot problems, they are many as we have imagined. The range of foot issues are heel pain, foot posture, foot bone problems, ball of foot pain, ankle/leg injuries, knee, hip and back pain, foot nail and skin pains, children’s foot and diabetes related foot ailments. Experience Podiatry easily identifies the cause of the foot pain and decides upon the apt treatments to heal the issue. At Your Foot Clinic they follow regulations and guidelines set by the Podiatry Board of Australia.

Treatments offered at Your Foot Clinic

Shockwave Therapy

High waves of kinetic energy to passed on the painful areas of the foot to treat tendon, joint pains and muscle cramps. It is definitely safe with no side effects. Shockwave therapy increases blood flow to the spot, decreases pain and aids in normal function of the tissues in the painful area. It helps in fast recovery. It has special ingrown toe nail surgery that takes less than an hour with a post five weeks full recovery.

Photodynamic Therapy

It is an effective, pain free therapy to treat fungal nail infections. It needs three sittings in the first week and the numbers are scheduled in second week depending upon the nail progress. Depending on the extent of the nail infections, this method needs thinning of nails, followed by applying a specialized gel and 9.5 minute treatment under PACT LED light.


Orthotics is flexible shoe inserts designed to align lower limb and foot alignment. Prefabricated Orthoses are those specially crafted by podiatrists to offer support and as an alternate to the insoles in your shoes. Custom made Orthoses are made after taking your feet castings, for special fit and foot support to relieve foot pain.

Plantar Special Plate

This diagnostic tool uses 4096 sensors and 300 frames per second scan rate to show foots misalignments and gives tailor made treatments for betting standing and walking.

Walking and Running Video Analysis

Treadmill and Camera records and shows the causes for pains and problems when running and walking by Podiatrists and they suggest the best treatment to cure it.

Canthorone for Warts

The Canthorone process involves causing a blister in the skin by cutting the blood supply to the warts and kills it. It is painless and most preferred treatment option for kids.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Tests with latest technologies to check the nerve health and blood flow to feet of diabetic patients is assessed my specialists and proper treatment is recommended.

Footwear and Running test Assessment

Experts assess and recommend special fit and supportive footwear to relieve skin, nail and foot ailments. Various lacing techniques and right sized shoes are demonstrated and taught to the patients to relieve the pain.

Controlled Ankle Movement Walker

Moon Boot or CAM walker is professionally fit to treat patients with feet fractures and chronic musculoskeletal problems. Ankle and knee high boots are available upon requirement.

One can trust and enter the Your Foot clinic for any foot ailments and come out with a permanent cure for a lifetime. is the official website of Your Foot Clinic to pre-book your appointments.

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