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Family Dentistry

If you have been looking for a new dentist in Novi, you may have heard about family dentistry. But what is family dentistry? How does it differ from general and comprehensive dentistry? To put it simply, a family dentist focuses on addressing dental health across all stages of life. If you are an adult, you will have different dental health needs than a child. A family dentist can provide dental care to children from their first teeth to their permanent and wisdom teeth. A dentist specializing in cosmetic & family dentistry in Novi, MI, will care for your oral hygiene and overall dental health. However, they can also deal with the unique dental needs of children of all ages.

What Services Do Family Dentists Offer?

Professional Cleaning

When you think of getting your teeth cleaned by a professional dentist, you are most likely thinking about routine prophylaxis. This procedure is mainly done in a dentist’s office. In most cases, the process will accompany a soft and hard tissue exam that may include X-rays if needed.

Periodontal scaling is another cleaning mainly used if you have pocket readings exceeding 5mm in multiple regions. In some cases, a dentist will have to administer anesthesia. You may also need treatment over several appointments to get it done effectively. Before the treatment, a hygienist will thoroughly inspect your mouth to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Dental Exams

A dental exam plays a significant role in your dental health. It can help identify potential dental problems before they become serious. In most cases, you can notice symptoms of dental problems in their early stages. When you visit a family dentist, they will take you through a screening process to determine your dental needs and come up with plans to help you achieve your goals. They inspect hard tissues as well as the intraoral and extraoral soft tissues. A family dentist also looks at your jaw function and occlusion during the screening to identify any problems.


In modern dentistry, a sealant refers to a plastic coating placed in the deep fissures and pits found on the top surface of your molar teeth and other parts that can easily decay. A sealant prevents food particles and bacteria from building up and producing acids that can cause tooth decay. While they are used with permanent teeth, a family dentist can also recommend them for baby teeth. The procedure does not require anesthesia.


Fillings come in different types. Amalgam fillings are the most common type. Your dentist can also recommend tooth-colored fillings, which can either be direct or indirect. Gold fillings have also become quite common, but many people have switched to ceramic preferences. Depending on your dental needs, a family dentist can examine your teeth to determine your needs and recommend the ideal treatment.

In summary, a family dentistry practice specializes in addressing dental health across all stages of life. They can take care of a child’s teeth right from when they grow into adulthood. They offer different services, including fillings, sealants, dental exams, and professional cleaning.

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