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Effectiveness of Body Sculpting and What to Expect During the Therapy

Body Sculpting

Everyone has that part of their body they would love to improve. Working hard to keep fit can be frustrating, especially if you notice stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away with diet or exercise. For instance, you are likely to have massive loose skin after a significant weight loss. Portland body sculpting aesthetics specialists at PNW Plastic Surgery offer their patients unparalleled services to help reduce their body fat, especially when diet and exercises fail to be effective. Body sculpting can either be invasive or non-invasive, with your results depending on your treatment option. However, the process is not an alternative to weight loss, when you need to rid your body of excess weight.

How effective is body sculpting?

The one thing to always remember about body sculpting is that it is not your ideal solution when you need to shed that extra weight. Body sculpting will not eliminate significant amounts of fat or become your alternative to eating healthily. Instead, the treatment is part of the process that contours your physique by accessing the hidden fat pockets under your skin and killing them. The sculpting procedure works differently for everyone. Your results will vary depending on your treatment area, amount of fat, and the products your doctor will use during the process. For instance, you might need at least two sessions to visualize your results. On the other hand, you should expect to see your injection lipolysis after approximately six weeks.

What happens during body sculpting?

The sculpting type your doctor will recommend will dictate what you should expect during the process. You should expect your aesthetician to make tiny incisions through your skin if the treatment is minimally invasive or invasive. On the other hand, non-invasive treatments do not entail cutting through your skin. Instead, your doctor uses techniques like laser lipolysis, fat freezing, or ultrasound to destroy the fat deposits beneath your skin.

Does the treatment have side effects?

Insertive treatments like injection lipolysis will most likely result in minimal pain. You will feel mild discomfort when the needle slides into your skin, feeling like a pinch. You may talk to your healthcare provider about anesthesia if the pain is too much to minimize the discomfort. On the other hand, non-insertive treatments like cool sculpting may cause discomfort when the sculpting device sucks your skin and your doctor freezes the fat cells in the treatment area.

How heat therapies work

The approaches use energy to deliver focused energy to your treatment areas. The innovative technology makes it easy for your aesthetician to directly transmit heat to your fat areas without harming your skin. Since the treatment is natural, your body eventually eliminates the fat cells through your bodily processes. However, heat therapies will not give you instant results because they work gradually. As your body sheds the dead cells, your skin starts to change. However, the treatment will not help eliminate cellulite.

Exercise and a fat-resistant diet can be frustrating, especially after you have tried various approaches and failed. Do not struggle with extra loose skin when you can discuss your body sculpting options with your aesthetician.

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