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Egg Donation: Everything You Need to Know


Egg donation has become a vital aspect of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). IVF with the egg donor process has become increasingly common among women older than 40 years. Having a family is a dream for many people. However, you may wait all your life for the right moment only to realize that your infertility is a stumbling block towards having children. However, this is not the end of the road. If you have always wanted to become a parent but have had trouble realizing your dream due to infertility or any other issue, a fertility clinic offering egg donation in Murray Hill can help you out. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need regarding egg donation and why it may be an option. Read on for more details.

What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a common form of assisted reproduction involving a fertile woman voluntarily giving an egg or eggs to a woman with infertility. The fertile woman offering the egg is known as a donor, while the infertile woman is the recipient. It takes a lot of courage and selflessness to give an egg to help someone else realize their dream of having a family. Over the past few decades, thousands of couples have benefitted from egg donation and started their own families.

Who Needs an Egg Donor?

If you have had no success conceiving even after trying multiple rounds of IVF, you may need an egg donor. The embryos created using a donated egg can help you get pregnant and carry the baby to term. During this process, the egg donated by the donor is fertilized with male partner sperm to create an embryo which is then implanted in your uterus.

Some of the common circumstances under which you may need an egg donor include:

  • Premature ovarian failure is where you reach menopause before the typical age
  • Reduced ovarian reserve leading to low quality and fewer eggs
  • Genetically transmitted diseases that you may pass to your child
  • Multiple failed IVF cycles
  • Surrogacy with egg donation

Requirements and How to Choose an Egg Donor

When you decide to go for an egg donation, choosing an egg donor is one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome. It would be best if you considered multiple factors to ensure that you make the right decision. First, you need to know the essential qualities. You should also find a donor who falls in the suitable age group, has a clean medical record, and enviable intelligence level.

Sometimes, you may have to choose between an anonymous or known donor. You should also know the donor’s role in the baby’s life and whether you want to maintain contact in the future. Additionally, you need to carefully consider the legal aspect of egg donation, especially when working with a surrogate, to avoid any problems in the future.

In summary, an egg donation is a common form of assisted reproduction involving a fertile woman voluntarily giving an egg or eggs to a woman with infertility. You may need an egg donation if you have premature ovarian failure, reduced ovarian reserve, genetic conditions, or multiple failed IVF cycles. It would help if you considered various factors before getting an egg donation to avoid any costly mistakes.

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