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Do You Suffer From Your Missing Teeth?

Missing Teeth

These days, there are many different types of health and safety products to help people have healthy and beautiful teeth, but still, a large number of people are struggling with various oral and dental problems. Long ago, the only way to deal with damaged teeth was to extract them and apply removable dentures. Since removable dentures had some difficulties like slipping, many people preferred to continue their life with missing teeth. But now, the situation is different, and an extraordinary solution such as a dental implant has eliminated many problems. Dental cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular these days, and according to statistics provided by an affordable dental implants center in Vancouver, dental implants make up 6% of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures requested by patients. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of dental implants, the success of this cosmetic dental treatment’s surgery, its steps, and related caring tips.

The above infography is provided by the experienced dental team at Dentist @ False Creek to show the percentage of popularity and use of various cosmetic dental methods.

What Is this Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

This popular cosmetic dental method is the way to replace the roots and implant a false tooth, and fill in the gaps between damaged and extracted teeth. This cosmetic dental method will be fixed exactly in your jaw bone. That is why it is repeatedly emphasized that this method acts and looks like natural teeth. There is no problem like slipping with this dental method.

The Benefits of This Cosmetic Dental Method

When it comes to dental implants, there are considerable advantages. Some of the most important ones are explained in the following:

The significant advantage of dental implants is their improved appearance. As explained earlier, when you have missing teeth, you will not be confident enough to smile. After replacing missing teeth with dental implants, you will be able to smile confidently enough.

Besides, since we explained the exact look and function of implanted teeth, it is clear that there is almost no difficulty with dental implants with speaking and pronouncing words. Those who have chosen dentures believe that it is so difficult to pronounce words easily and correctly. This problem will be eliminated with dental implants. With implants, you can talk without any worries.

Eating with dentures is a bit difficult, but implanted teeth look exactly like real teeth and allow a person to eat with confidence and without any worries or pain.

Dental implants such as bridges do not require the extraction of other teeth. In other words, no adjacent teeth are needed to support implanted teeth.

This cosmetic dental process is very durable and works for years without any problems. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

How Successful Is This Dental Surgery?

The success rate of this dental method varies depending on its location in the jaw. But overall, the success rate is 98%. With proper care, this false tooth stays healthy for a lifetime, and what is implanted in the gums will not cause any problems for the person.

Who Is a Good Candidate to Have This Dental Method?

In general, any healthy person who can afford dental surgery and extraction will have no problem having this false tooth. Patients undergoing this operation must have healthy gums and enough bones to hold the implant. It is necessary for these people to take good care of their oral health and to see a dentist regularly for dental examinations. But If you smoke a lot, you have chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, or have radiation therapy to the head and neck, need to be evaluated and examined before going for this dental method.

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