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Discover Outpatient Rehab and How It Can Help


There are many types of alcohol treatment facilities that provide professional help to individuals suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency.  One of these facilities is an outpatient alcohol rehab wherein patients undergo scheduled treatment sessions in the facility and then go home afterward.  This set-up allows the recovering alcoholic to continue most of his regular activities while getting treatment for his alcohol problem.

It is important to note, however, that outpatient rehab is most suitable for patients who are suffering from mild to moderate alcoholism.  Individuals with severe alcoholism, those who have serious medical conditions on top of their addiction, and those who present a threat to others and themselves, may require more intense rehabilitation and monitoring than what outpatient rehabs provide.


Outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs in various alcohol rehab centers may differ in form, intensity level, and process depending on the severity of addiction and the recovery stage but the same commonly fall into the following classifications:

  • Partial Hospitalization

This kind of treatment is best suited for patients who need continuous monitoring of their medical condition but have a stable support at home, which makes staying in an alcoholic rehab facility 24/7 unnecessary.  This kind of rehab program requires the patient to receive treatment in a hospital for at least three days a week and a minimum of four hours a day.

  • Intensive Outpatient

The main objective of this kind of treatment is to avoid relapse.  Patients who choose intensive outpatient treatment practically receives the same service and results as those patients under inpatient programs.

  • Therapy and Counseling

Almost all alcohol rehab centers include therapy and counseling in their treatment programs.  Some of the most common forms of this treatment option include family counseling, individual or group therapy, and cognitive/behavioral therapy.  Through this approach, the patient can discover the root cause of his addiction and learn better coping skills to avoid relapsing.


Outpatient rehabilitation can help recovering alcoholics in the recovery process by providing the following benefits:

  • Involvement of family members and significant others

The importance of family support in the recovery process is most emphasized in outpatient rehab.  Ultimately, the encouragement and support of family members and significant others are most crucial not only to getting better but in preventing relapse as well.

  • Adaptability

Not all patients have the liberty of taking time off from work or completely halting their regular schedule at a moment’s notice, particularly if the recovering alcoholic is the breadwinner.  Outpatient rehab provides flexibility so the patient can still receive treatment while carrying out his usual responsibilities.

  • Lower treatment cost

Unlike inpatient residential treatment where patients must pay for the cost of accommodation and other services, outpatient rehab is significantly more affordable.  It is unfortunate when alcoholics cannot get treatment because of financial difficulties, but with the availability of outpatient option, recovering alcoholics can seek professional help.

  • Real life application of the things learned during treatment

Alcohol dependents who opted for outpatient rehab program can readily apply all the coping mechanisms and essential life skills they have learned during treatment.  This is a great advantage since the patient can readily see what strategies work and those that don’t.

Opting for outpatient rehab is advantageous in many ways.  However, it is important to remember that it is critical to choose a credible alcohol rehab facility to ensure the effectiveness of treatment.  While there are countless alcohol treatment centers in the country, not everyone is created equal.  Ultimately, it is best for the recovering alcoholic and his family to do a bit of background checking to compare services, staff credentials, and experience of different rehab centers before selecting one.


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