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Veganism -2 reasons why adopting it makes sense


It is a proven fact that a vegetarian diet that is planned out well can provide all the essential nutrients you require to stay healthy. Basically, a plant based diet, it can do wonders and this is exactly what this write up will deal with.

It may be mentioned here that while a vegan will refrain from consuming food of animal origin, a vegetarian on the other hand, might be interested in consuming an egg or two daily. While there are several types of vegetarian diets, which will be dealt with later in the article, for now, let us just focus on the main reasons why adopting a vegan diet plan or for that matter a diet devoid of meat and dairy makes sense. Check it out.

Curbing intake of animal fats improves health

Primarily, health is one of the main reasons why people prefer to switch from an animal based diet to a diet that is essentially plant based. Studies have proved that consuming proteins and animal fats can enhance the chances of suffering heart disorders, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. Aside from these, several other diseases have been reported due to the same.

As per studies in the US, it has been found that processed meat as well as red meat caused more number of premature deaths as compared to people that didn’t consume animal fats.

Most importantly, extensive studies on the animal based and plant based food have proved that an individual consuming plant based food was less prone to genetic predisposition, wherein, chronic diseases (especially lifestyle disorders) like diabetes developed aside from deadly diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Not only that being rich in fiber and essential nutrients, legumes, fruits, and vegetables worked wonders for one’s health. The only lacuna is that plant based food consumers are deprived of the important Vitamin B12 and tend to suffer from its deficiency.

Environmental friendly

Animal farming has been found to be detrimental effects on the environment. It has been observed and proved time and again that livestock farming uses up a lot of resources in the form of land and water that could otherwise could have been used for plant based farming and meeting the natural resource requirements of human beings on the planet. Moreover, in an effort to earn or rather more revenues from livestock farming different types of chemicals are being used these days, which is playing havoc with the soil at the site of farming thereby leading to soil erosion.

However, if you want to follow a vegan diet plan you can make the change gradually. This will ensure that the effects are lasting and in this way you can also give yourself adequate time to adapt to the change.

It may be mentioned here that when it comes to selecting a vegan diet plan, you can choose from among lacto vegetarian diet (only dairy products are included), vegan diet plan (do not include poultry, meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products), ovo vegetarian (only allow eggs), pescatarian (only fish is allowed), and lacto ovo vegetarian diet (includes dairy products as well as eggs).

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