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Dental Services Offered by Dr. Dana Samet

Dental Services

Dr. Dana Samet offers quality porcelain veneers to patients in her office in Torrance, California. She offers compassionate, efficient, and advanced dental care, which makes patients leave happy and satisfied. Services offered include implants, Invisalign, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, CT scan, and veneers in South Bay.


They are thin porcelain sheets that are cemented to the front teeth of the patient. The porcelain sheets alter the look of teeth and cover misshapen, broken teeth, and close any gaps. An examination and a consultation with Dr. Samet are needed for an individual to know whether veneers are right for him/her. If the decision made is that veneers are right for the patient, they are likely to be sent for an x-ray. Dr. Samet then prepares the patients’ teeth for the veneers by removing a small amount of the enamel; then an impression of the patients’ mouth and teeth is made and sent to the dental laboratory where the patients’ custom veneers are created. Dr. Samet makes sure that the custom veneers fit correctly before cementing them to the patient’s front teeth.

Importance of veneers

Teeth wear out with time due to harsh substances in a certain food. Veneers help in restoring the look of an individuals’ teeth and are recommended in;

  •       Closing gaps between teeth
  •       Realigning a single tooth
  •       improving chewing and speech
  •       restoring discolored teeth
  •       restoring more cosmetic imperfections in the tooth structures 

Advantages of veneers

Veneers are made by specialists in the dental laboratory where high-quality material porcelain is used, making them long-lasting and stable. Veneers are cheap and can be placed in only a few visits to the office. If taken care of, veneers should last for several years. Another advantage is that veneers can be placed in multiple teeth at once. For veneers to last long, one should clean them regularly.  

Teeth whitening

There are several teeth whitening treatment options available; they include:

  •       use of over-the-counter gel
  •       take-home kits
  •       whitening kinds of toothpaste
  •       in-office professional whitening treatments
  •       use of other chemical products

Tooth whitening involves bleaching chemicals, and the most commonly used is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaches break stains into smaller particles, which disperse the color, making it look less concentrated, making an individual’s teeth look whiter. The products are used to make individuals’ teeth appear lighter and remove deep-set-stains. For better results, the products are supposed to be used in high concentration over a short period. Dr. Samet can remove any stain and provides his patients with the desired snow-white smile.

 In-office teeth whitening is more effective than take-home kits. An example explaining this is a heat laser light can be used together with the professional whitening product, which is applied directly to the teeth, hence enhancing the effects. Teeth whitening involves bleaching the enamel and removing stains that would lead to discoloration. Professional treatments give better results than other methods used in removing the deep stain on the dentin. A happy smile boosts an individuals’ confidence, thus improving his/her lifestyle. The bleaching chemicals used are completely safe and have no side effects. 


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