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CoolSculpting – A Good Solution to Get Rid of Menopause Belly

CoolSculpting – A Good Solution to Get Rid of Menopause Belly

You might know that the way of carrying weight is different in women than that in men. Women carry more fat intramuscularly (inside muscles) than men do and also women have a much more percentage of body fat than men do.

Women tend to have fat usually below the waist i.e. in their thighs and hips. This is because of their particular female hormones and the feminine curves result from them.

On the other hand, men carry fat around their waist and maybe on the chest.

Unfortunately, as women age, their contours start changing.

As women go through perimenopause and menopause, they lose their estrogen and as a result, fat starts to accumulate in their upper bodies.

Their metabolism slows down and if they gain weight, it starts accumulating in their abdomen, back, arms and flanks much higher than that when they were younger.

Even though a woman is slim, she may accumulate belly fat as body fat slowly starts redistributing because of hormonal changes.

To make things worse, mammary tissue in women’s breasts slowly reduces and adipose tissue replaces it.

Trying to remain slim to avoid acquiring a “menopause belly” may not be healthy, attractive and feasible.

As women age, they also lose fat volume in their faces. Trying to remain too slim will cause them lose their curves and their faces start looking skinny. To add to the distress, the belly will stay.

In such a condition, coolsculpting may be a good solution.

CoolSculpting to Freeze Away Fat

As discovered by the Harvard researchers, when fat cells are exposed to freezing cold temperatures, they turn into crystals and ultimately die. This is the very principle on which coolsculpting works.

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During the procedure the skin on the targeted area is protected from frostbite by placing a thin protective pad drenched with coupling gel on the skin.

Next the desired applicator is applied while you can relax comfortably and fat keeps freezing. During the weeks after the treatment, the fat slowly clears from the body through your immune system.

Weight Gain around Midsection during Menopause

Menopause shows several symptoms, one of which is fat accumulation around waist. But the good news is that although hormonal changes which bring this fat accumulation are inevitable, weight gain is not.

It’s extremely disgusting to see fat accumulating around your waist and on your belly even if you are taking limited calories and are quite active.

Events in the life of a woman such as weight loss, pregnancy and menopause can result in stubborn fat, poor body shape, skin laxity and stretch marks.

One of the functions of the female hormone estrogen is to distribute fat unequally in subcutaneous tissues like buttocks, arms and legs more than in abdomen.

But when estrogen levels drop during menopause, the fat is distributed equally and so, same amount of fat is stored in abdomen too which is called visceral fat.

With age, both women and men show a decrease in metabolism rate too, partly because of decrease in estrogen in women and decrease in testosterone in men.

This causes your body to burn fewer calories even if you perform the same amount of activities. Thus, unless you don’t lessen the number of calories you are taking in, you’ll keep gaining weight.

Moreover, the fatter you build, there are more chances for you to gain even more weight because fat destroys fewer calories than muscle.

In such conditions, coolsculpting is a good solution to destroy the stubborn fat accumulating in your belly due to menopausal changes in your body.

You can also consider vagina surgery to tighten from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or from your trusted clinic to maintain the happiness in life even after menopause. Have a healthy ageing!

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