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CNS and the its problems

CNS and the its problems 1


Brian is one of the crucial organs that is present in the body and without its presence human beings would have all the senses and also because of that structure that is the brain, the human beings are the in the highest form of evolution and also they are very much advanced from any other form of life in this world and also probably in this universe. Each and every portion of the brain is very much functional although the reason behind all those is not known to the human beings till now. Research is going and the scientist are working day and night to decipher those undiscovered regions as after discovering them they might also give us some benefits which we can use it in the therapeutic aspect for the treatment and cure purpose. Human brain is located at the top most level. It is well protected with the help of the cranial bones and thus present inside the cranium of the head region of the body. It is composed two parts that is the brain and they are as the grey matter and the white matter. The grey matter controls all the intelligence and the memory part of the brain. And white matter is involved in the other coordinative activities that the human body needs for it survival and functioning.

The method of action

Brian and the spinal cord are the main part of the central nervous or the CNS in the human body. And these two parts are well connected and also well supplied so that they become very much function. They are well supplied with the nerve fiber present in the body. The nerve fibers are then composed of the neurons of the body. Now neuron are the called as the key elements which constitute in a bunch form to compose a long nerve fiber. They are arranged in stacks and also in lengths to form the nerve fiber. Each and every part of the human body has a lot of nerve fibers present in them. And when any external stimuli comes and react with the body the body reacts with the help of these nerve fibers which then sends the information to the brain and the brain judging and analyzing all the possible outcomes of the effect as sends signals through these nerve fibers, which contains instructions of what should be done in the following cases and the body reacts according to that. This is the standard process with which the nerve fibers work obeying all the orders of the brains keeping the body aware of all type of situations they will face.

In what case the problem appears

In diseases it has been seen that the these neurons which are the structural as well as the functional unit of the nervous system get damages from either the top which is the receiving part or the downward which is the propagating part of the body.

Medicines and the treatment methods

Medicines are present however some medicines that are used in the neurological problems are very much unhealthy for the human beings as they will contain side effects.


Neurosurgery is one of the most complex surgery. Doctor for Neurosurgery in India always avail these medicine before the surgery as surgery is the last option for them.

Brain and its problems

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