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Brain and its problems

Brain and its problems


Brian is one of the most organized present in the human body. The work of the brain is so much systematic, for which the human beings are able to work all throughout all the day with the same precision as the starting. The human brain is body’s primary sensory organs of the body. For example if the body is experiencing something very hot as an external stimuli the body registers that the they are feeling hot and when brain registers it, it sends the signal or the information that the part pf the body that is exposed to the hot temperature should be withdrawn immediately and thus we remove that part of the body that was exposed to the hot temperature. And to complete this whole process a human being need a total of fraction of some seconds. Such is the precision as well as the velocity of whole process. The brain works in the way of transferring electronic signals also called as the impulses or the nervous impulses that carry the senses or to be precise the information’s for the body. These impulse originates from the neurons and also ends in the neurons too and they also travel through the neurons from one end to the other end to complete the task given by the brain.


Neurons are the structural as well as the functional unit of the whole nervous system of the human beings. They are the cells that work in and out the brain and the total nervous system of the body. The neurons are present in the brain and are also produced in the brain. Although this production is not up to the lifetime as other cells. Other cells in the body grows continuously until the body dies, although the growing efficiency reduces with time and aging still the growth definitely happens. On the other hand the neurons have a very much particular growth period. Until the adult age of every individual irrespective of the male or female the neurons will grow and after that when the adult age is reached they stop synthesizing. And that amount of neuron is kept for the lifetime to function in the human body, which is very much sufficient also. Still when problem appears the shortage of the neuronal cells is felt in many of the cases. However medicines are very much ineffective on the problems of the nervous system. They can control it in a way but they cannot cure the disease totally.

Common diseases

Very common neurological diseases are the Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and many more. Paralysis is also type of neurological problem, when the brain undergoes any type of shock or injury. Most of the paralysis is involved with sensory neuron as well as the motor neurons of that particular region which has become non-functional.

Treatment in the hospitals

There are many hospitals for neurosurgery in India. And they also have a lot of experienced and good doctors both in the field of surgery as well as medicine as the surgery is the last resort to cure this type of problem as the process is very much risky.


The cost of these type of treatment especially in case of the surgery is also very high which won’t be availed by each and every one.

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