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Caring about your beloved child’s health is a must since they are too young to care for themselves. Most parents get stressed when their kid starts crying due to pain and look for immediate treatment to help the baby get rid of the pain. But the question is: do parents care about their kids’ oral health as much as their overall health? As a pediatric dentist in Toronto explains, most parents do not even know when to take their kid to the first dental examination. They do not care about the baby’s teeth as long as there is no pain. But this is an absolutely wrong action. In this article, we explain more about a baby’s teeth and the necessary steps in this regard.

When to Visit The Dental Expert?

Most pediatric dentists emphasize that it is significant to have the first dental visit when the baby’s first tooth erupts. This visit is not a difficult process, and it will be done just to assess the baby’s dental status. Besides, when you start taking your baby regularly to the dentist’s office, s/he will get used to the dental office and not feel afraid. In addition, making regular appointments with the pediatric dentist can guarantee your baby’s oral health. If there is any problem, the pediatric dentist will diagnose it at the early stages and treat it. So, there will not be any further dental issues.

The Most Common Dental Issue

Dental cavities are considered the most common dental issue for babies. In better words, since the baby gets his first tooth, the risk of facing this dental issue starts. This is a dental issue caused by bacteria. And there can be a lot of bacteria in a baby’s mouth. This is due to various reasons such as sugary drinks and foods, drinking milk with a milk bottle ( especially during nights while sleeping ). Cavities may not be painful at first, but they can become painful and, if left untreated, can cause infection in other parts of the tooth or body.

How to Prevent This Dental Issue?

As explained earlier, the most important action is to visit the pediatric dentist on time. Then you should teach your baby to follow regular dental cleaning tips. Since the first day the baby is born, you can clean his gums gently with a clean cloth. And then, when the baby has new teeth, start brushing. As long as s/he is too young, brush their teeth yourself. And when s/he can learn, teach them to brush their teeth. To do it, you can start brushing your baby’s teeth as a play and then encourage him to do it himself. Then after a while, you can add a small amount of toothpaste to his toothbrush. Bear in mind that there are special toothpaste for children that are harmless, and even if s/he swallows the toothpaste, there won’t be any problem.

Another important action is to limit snacks and sugary drinks. You can simply substitute the sugary foods and drinks with other healthy items.

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