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Annual Physical – Necessary Or Not? You Decide

Annual Physical
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Annual physicals have become somewhat controversial in the discussions around health care costs and necessary medicine. You will find opinions on both sides, and both may have compelling arguments. However, it is a fact that receiving an annual physical does give your physician a benchmark of your health, and can sometimes spot unhealthy behaviors or precursors to illnesses that may otherwise only be diagnosed when symptoms present themselves. Here are some benefits to receiving an annual physical that you may not have considered.

Track Your Body

For most Americans, they see their doctor when they have a problem. Whether it is the flu, sore joints, or an injury, your doctor gets that snapshot of your health which is often not at its peak. That goes into your chart, and the information is available if needed int he future. An annual physical gives your physician the opportunity to see you when you are not exhibiting symptoms, besides having a doctor appointment, and can get some real data. After a few years of physicals, your doctor will have a trend for your health that can surface some behaviors or details that can help make you more healthy down the road.

Adjust Behaviors

Your behaviors can have a tremendous impact on your overall health. For some conditions, behaviors can predict a disease with greater accuracy than genetics. An annual physical brings those behaviors to the surface. If your provider notices that, you have gained a significant amount of weight they can ask how your life has been, and get to the root of the weight gain. Could be stress-easting, depression, hormonal imbalance, or many other causes, but without an annual physical, your doctor may not be made aware of those adjustments and could be blind to some health issues you may be facing.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

Everyone you know seems to have ‘a guy’ or a default source they go to for help on an issue. Whether that is an electrician they know, or a mechanic who is their cousin, everyone has one and chances are you do too. You can have that with your health care provider too. An annual physical allows you to open up to your doctor about your life, and allows them to engage those conversations during the examination without coping with finding a diagnosis immediately.

Now Find Your Doctor

Finding the right doctor is the key to all of your health care needs, but especially when you begin getting annual physicals. Having a local, reliable, and highly rated doctor that you can build that relationship with is crucial. Either way, unnecessary health care cost or critical medical check in, consider your personal needs and life and make the decision that fits you best.


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