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Why You Should Consider Dental Implants as a Tooth Replacement Option

Tooth Replacement

If missing teeth are getting in the way of your happiness of a perfect smile, scheduling an appointment with a Hilliard implant dentist is the best idea to get your life back on track. The last thing you want is spending the rest of your life with a disfigured jaw just because one or more of your teeth are missing.

While conventional dental replacement options such as dentures can also be recommended, you cannot compare them to the long-term value you will get from dental implants. If you are still doubtful about whether dental implants from Innovative Dental Ideas are the perfect smile makeover option, the following benefits will help you make an informed decision.

Why dental implants are the best tooth replacement options

Most people often associate cosmetic procedures such as dental implants with celebrities who would spend millions of dollars to correct their imperfections. They are of the idea that it is designed for specific people that can afford it. But now that most insurance companies are ready to cater to dental procedures, implants are becoming more affordable by the day. The benefits of getting implants include:

Prevention of bone loss

Of all the things a missing tooth can cause, losing bone mass around the missing tooth side is the biggest. The fact that a root is no longer in existence makes it easier for the bone to lose its strength, but since dental implants are designed to mimic the natural tooth, new bone growth will automatically be stimulated. This prevents future loss of bone around the site.

They work like natural teeth

The natural tooth is supposed to gnaw or bite food to allow digestion to take place. Dental implants are designed in the same way. Once they have been implanted in the area of the missing tooth, you can go about your everyday life as expected.

They are durable

The average lifespan of a dental implant is 25 years and over. However, they can only benefit you when you go for regular dental checkups and practice healthy oral habits.

They are cheaper

Dental implants help save future oral problems, so it is considered a cost-effective tooth replacement option. Other conventional options, such as dentures and fillings, require frequent replacements. Consider the cost benefits before you decide on choosing the latter.

They support facial structure

A missing tooth can cause the face to appear sunken and old. You can blame it on the fact that your jawbones are weak, causing your facial structure to lose its typical shape. Dental implants support the facial structure by helping to keep your jaws strong.

A dental implant is a perfect option for a missing tooth

For the sake of the long-term effects as far as your oral health is concerned, it is essential to consider going for dental implants to replace your missing teeth. However, before you settle on this option, find out if you are a candidate. To learn more about the benefits of dental implants, schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist today.

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