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Why You Need a Specialist Offering Both Adult and Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

Children and adults have unique needs and should be seen by a medical professional that is knowledgeable in what those needs are. It is great when you can find a service provider who can offer adult care and pediatrics. This provides continuity and familiarity as the child grows into an adult. A highly skilled team of board-certified practitioners at Calvary Urgent Care, who are among the best adults and pediatrics in Humble, have the solution. This is through offering comprehensive health care for both adults and pediatric patients of all ages.

One benefit of having adults and pediatrics specialists is that you and your family can be treated under one roof. Almost all non-life-threatening and urgent medical needs are met effectively, avoiding the inconveniences that can arise from seeking medical care at different clinics for each member of your family. Some of the issues handled at Calvary Urgent Care include:

  • Sports, immigration, and school physicals
  • Disease and illness testing and treatment
  • Travel vaccines
  • An onsite pharmacy, diagnostic center, and lab
  • Wound, burn, and fracture care
  • Minor office procedures
  • Drug testing
  • Pregnancy testing

The Difference Between Pediatric Medicine and Adult Medicine

Several issues separate pediatric and adult patients besides the difference in physical body size. There are more growth and development complications in the pediatric patient compared to adults. This is because younger bodies are physically developing and, therefore, prone to different issues.

The pediatric patients who are minors are emotionally, socially, and intellectually growing and require special attention to effectively manage these changes.

Also, in pediatric medicine, the issue of patient consent is vital. This is because the specialist must be permitted by a parent or legal guardian to provide care for the minor patient.

Can an adult need a pediatrician?

Several conditions can cause an adult patient to need a pediatrician. For example, some disabilities that may not fade away with childhood can remain in adulthood. The best thing to do to avoid further complications, is to maintain your provider, as changing them can be traumatic.

Finding a primary care provider who can give you their time and focus is not easy, especially after being used to someone else. Therefore, you might decide to continue with the same provider despite your age. This is helpful because the pediatrician understands your condition better than anyone else and, therefore, will be more comfortable continuing to provide the care you need.

Changing doctors for late teens and those in their early 20s can be inappropriate. This is because, at this age, most of the young adults are at school, which is not permanent. Therefore, it means they will have to change them again after completing their education. This can interfere with the quality of healthcare.

Having an adult and pediatric specialist is an easier way to ensure that the quality of the health care you are receiving from your provider does not take a pause. By choosing Calvary Urgent Care, you take a step towards maintaining a healthy life for you and your family more conveniently.


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