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Why Regular Dental Examinations Are Important


A lot of people wait for pain in the mouth before booking an appointment with a dentist. However, many health problems can occur from waiting, and although there may be no symptoms, they can only be detected by a dentist’s visit. Untreated cavities or gingivitis can lead to more complex dental issues, which can be costly to treat. A dental exam at least twice a year is recommended, and Dr. Foroud Hakim offers comprehensive dental solutions to families.

Prevention of Oral Diseases

During a regular dental health check, your doctor inspects your mouth’s internal tissues from the cheeks, gums, teeth, and palate. The evaluation may reveal inflammation or tenderness of the gums. The specialist performs a scaling technique to eliminate the inflammation and may prescribe medication to cure any infection.

An accumulation of tartar can lead to periodontitis, where the gum separates from the tooth and bacteria infiltrate the area, causing an infection. Check-ups may reveal other severe conditions such as oral cancer.

Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene can be at home through regular brushing; however, it may not eliminate all the plaque in the teeth. During a dental checkup, your dentist cleans your teeth with a special cleaning agent, which helps remove the plaque and minimize the risk of other conditions such as cavities and gingivitis.

A dental examination involves updating your medical history, and it is essential to inform the doctor about your general well-being during the visit.

Disclose whether you smoke or have allergies if you wear a pacemaker or other medical devices and if you are taking any medication. Also, disclose whether you have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or others.

It is also an excellent chance to update your dentist on your dental history. Tell the doctor if there are any changes in your teeth or gums regarding sensitivity and tenderness. If you have implants, bridges, or prostheses, a dental checkup reveals any changes and whether they are in good condition.

Detect Cavities

During a dental checkup, your doctor can detect those teeth that are starting to decay. Lack of treatment can cause pain and absences. Regular checks help in minimizing the risks of developing these conditions.

Dental health can impact your overall health.

Oral health is an important aspect that should not be ignored. Poor oral health can cause gingivitis, and in severe cases, the bacteria can enter your bloodstream and affect your overall health. It can cause other health complications that eat away at your jaw and lead to teeth falling out.


Another reason for visiting your dentists regularly is to keep your teeth healthy and looking good. Beautiful teeth mean a healthy mouth, which is projected in a better smile. At the checkup, your dentist will offer valuable advice on how to take care of teeth to prevent infections. Questions that you may have are answered.

Regardless of your age, you can benefit from a regular checkup, which is vital for maintaining good oral health. Book an appointment with the experts at San Ramon Dental Excellence for a complete examination.

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