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Why One Should Choose Lasik Surgery Treatment?


Lasik surgery is now a day the most common surgery In India. This is done to cure vision problems. Many people are doing the surgery in India now. This is a laser eye surgery. This is the short form of Laser in -situ keratomileusis.

At the time of Lasik eye surgery, an eye surgeon cuts the cornea area diagonally and raises a flap of tissue and continue to correct and reshape the vision. This is a very common surgery. This surgery is very effective for the person those who are short-sighted, long-sighted or astigmatism. This Lasik surgery is not recommendable to the people who are suffering from a high degree of short-sightedness. This is a medical procedure which is comparatively risk-free. Out of 20 people, 1 Lasik surgery patient can suffer from any complication because no surgery or medical procedure is 100% risk-free. # out of the 20 patients may need glasses in future for night drive etc.

Advantages of Lasik Surgery:

  • It is one of the most common and effective surgery in recent time. Its success rate is very high in this surgery.
  • The pain related with the Lasik surgery is very little. Pain at the time of surgery or after surgery is a big emotional problem. Most of the people get scared because of the pain issue. But in Lasik surgery, the pain so not at all a scary process because it didn’t hurt a patient so much.
  • The vision problem goes just after the surgery. Or max to max it can take maximum one day time to correct the vision.
  • The recovery process is also very fast. No bandages or stitches are required after the Lasik surgery.
  • Any needed adjustments can also be made after one year of the surgery.
  • No glasses are required after the Lasik surgery. More than 90% of the patients do not need any corrective eye glasses after Lasik surgery.

The process of Lasik surgery is completely painless. The Lasik eye surgeon uses an instrument name microkeratome. With the help of the instrument, the eye surgeon can peel back the cornea and the primary cornea is get reshaped with an excimer laser so solve the vision problem. After the reshaping, the cornea can focus the light properly onto the eye for better vision.

This is not at all an expensive surgery. Lasik surgery cost in India is Rs 5000 per eye. The very effective and painless surgery is within reach of the patients. The recovery is also very fast. No bandage is needed after surgery. Just after one day of the surgery patients get the results of better vision. After the surgery for that particular day patients can suffer from bit hazy vision. SO for that day the only patient needs the help of someone who can take him or her to home after surgery.

This surgery is proven safe and one of the best effective surgeries to correct vision by US FDA.

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