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Why Dialysis Equipment is So Important

Dialysis Equipment is So Important

Many people depend on dialysis to stay alive, and it is necessary for them to have a reliable machine that they can depend on. Some people who have kidneys that are damaged or that do not work properly and they are not able to eliminate the unwanted water and waste from their bodies. Dialysis is an artificial way to remove the many toxins from the blood and the body. It is also known as renal replacement.

Someone who has lost 85 to 90 percent of their kidney function will most likely need dialysis. About 14 percent of the population in the United States has chronic kidney disease. Kidneys will filter about 120 to 150 of quarts of blood daily in the average healthy adult. If the kidneys are not working properly, waste and toxins will accumulate in the body and can induce a coma or even lead to death. Depending on the condition of the patient, there are a few different options when it comes to dialysis.

There is intermittent hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and continuous renal replacement therapy. In hemodialysis, the blood actually will circulate outside of the body with the help of a machine. The blood will travel through special filters which remove the harmful toxins before the blood is returned to the patient. Peritoneal dialysis works through the process of diffusion, and continuous renal replacement therapy can involve whether diffusion or filtration.

For any type of dialysis, the equipment is very important. A Baxter Dialysis Machine has a system known as the Amia System which helps you to navigate through the dialysis procedure easily. It has voice-guided features, full-color animations, and step-by-step directions. It is also portable with a convenient carrying case. It is also compact, so it will easily fit in your home and is compact enough so you can store it away when not in use. Dialysis is not always easy or pleasant procedure, but this machine makes it a bit easier.

This machine offers convenient remote monitoring so you can stay safely connected to your doctor with its Sharesource Connectivity Platform feature. When your session concludes, information about your treatment will be remotely transmitted to your clinicians and changes can be made to the program if needed. This ensures that you always get the proper treatment. Any changes will then be transmitted to the Amia system so you can accept them.

Its voice guidance system gives you detailed instructions on how to set up as well as how to complete your treatments. It also has handy built-in support features to help you and to provide you with any needed contact information. It is programmed to speak to you in English, Spanish, and French Canadian. Many healthcare professionals would recommend this piece of equipment, and many patients are already using it to compete their dialysis. Baxter is a pioneer in the area of home-based peritoneal dialysis therapy. It is a company that has been providing the needed supplies to patients for over 30 years as well.

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