Which Conditions Require The Intervention Of A Dermatologist?


Skin is the largest and the most visible organ in the human body. We are born with beautiful skin that changes with time as we age due to various environmental and medical factors. Some are mild and usually go away after some time. However, other conditions are severe and could affect how well you carry on with your daily activities. Therefore, it is essential to understand when to seek help from a qualified skin, nails, and hair doctor. Book an appointment with a Bowling Green, KY board-certified dermatologist if you have any of the following conditions:


Acne is one of the most common conditions that affect the skin. Usually, they appear on the face because the skin produces excess sebum that clogs its pores. Additionally, bacteria on the skin surface could also result in the development of acne. The condition mostly affects teenagers but could also affect people of all ages. It is not a health problem but could result in permanent scars if left untreated. The specialist could prescribe various creams, oral medications, or laser therapy to treat acne.


Psoriasis results from a problem of the immune system that increases the rate of skin cell formation. Because the cells form faster than usual, they accumulate in piles and form visible plaque patches on the skin. Apart from being a cosmetic issue, they are painful and itchy, making them uncomfortable to live with. A qualified dermatologist will diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe the most suitable treatment option.


Due to various factors subjected to the skin with time, you are likely to note changes with age. The skin begins to form wrinkles, discoloration spots, and dryness with time. Some of the factors contributing to these changes include smoking and exposure to intense sun rays without wearing sunscreen. Specialists recommend a healthy diet to maintain smooth skin for a long time. There are various treatment options, including laser therapy, Botox injections, wrinkle fillers, and chemical peels if you have signs of aging. The specialist will recommend the best one depending on your conditions.

Hair loss

A dermatologist deals with problems affecting the skin, nails, and hair. Therefore, if you are experiencing thinning hair that worsens with time, they are the right option for you. Hair loss could result from stress, pregnancy, or could also be inherited. Doctors perform blood tests to determine the cause and recommend the right treatment option to restore growth.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the easiest to cure if detected early enough. It is also one of the most common among all other cancer types. Attending regular dermatologist appointments could help detect the condition very early to begin treatment. Melanoma, the most dangerous kind, causes growths in the skin that are itchy and bleed when scratched.

The Kentucky Skin Cancer Center team offers various types of treatment, depending on the patient’s condition and need. If you have sensitive skin, acne, signs of aging, or any other conditions mentioned, you should seek help from a dermatologist. Book an appointment today for personalized care.

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