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What You Should Know About MonaLisa Touch

What You Should Know About MonaLisa Touch

Vaginal dryness and itching may lead to complications such as discomfort, pain during intercourse, and generally affect the quality of your life. It can also impact your intimate relationships negatively. Such symptoms are more familiar to women undergoing menopause but can also affect others at different stages of life.

Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, leads a team of experts at Suncoast Women’s Care to ensure that no one suffers silently from uncomfortable symptoms. MonaLisa Touch is a non-invasive treatment offered to help in restoring vaginal health and general gynecological health. It helps to relieve vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, vaginal pain, and urinary incontinence.

MonaLisa treatment has proved useful over time as it triggers your body’s healing response. As a result, elastin and collagen production is improved, causing thickened tissue and increased blood flow. It is customized through consultation and pre-examination by the gynecologist to determine if you are a candidate and to come up with the best treatment plan. The procedure only takes about five minutes and anesthetics are not necessary as it is virtually painless. Still, if you are concerned about the discomforts that can be caused during treatment, you can communicate with your provider.

 It involves the release of fractional CO2 laser energy through a small medical device that is gently placed in the vagina. It is not painful but can have effects of mild warmth and tingling sensation. In the vagina, you may experience symptoms such as swelling or redness, but this will only last for about 48 hours.

After MonaLisa, it would be best not to bath or have vaginal sex for a few days to allow yourself to heal. After the initial treatment, better lubrication and pleasurable sex can be reported three to four weeks later. However, you may need three sessions at an interval of six weeks for optimal results.

MonaLisa is a simple and proven laser treatment that can bring your confidence back and improve your life quality. Here are some of the advantages of using this treatment.

  • It is an elective procedure, meaning that there are no referrals needed.
  • It is fast, as it runs for about five minutes or less.
  • It is an easy, non-surgical procedure performed in the office.
  • It is hormone and chemical-free.
  • Affects less than 10 % of tissue, and therefore the response is fast.

However, MonaLisa may not be appropriate if you have sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Other conditions that can prevent the gynecology from proceeding with MonaLisa are vaginal prolapse or being less than three months postpartum.

MonaLisa has replaced standard techniques for treating urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. This is because CO2 laser emissions cause stimulation of vaginal tissues, and this is beneficial in restoring urogenital structures functionality without hormones or surgical procedures.

Using MonaLisa Touch to treat vagina atrophy is an excellent option to consider. Compared to hormone treatment, it has fewer side effects and does not fail due to other conditions. When compared to surgical procedures that have a more extended recovery period, it gives fast results. MonaLisa Touch, therefore, offers an alternative, better treatment method. You should contact Wanda Torres, MD, and her caring team to learn more about this treatment.

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