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What You Need to Know About Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

You may have lost your teeth due to several reasons, such as an injury or a disease. Losing teeth may affect your quality of life, such as the way you eat, talk, and associate with others. Getting implants is the solution to restoring the look, feeling, and natural functions of your natural teeth. Such implants help in maintaining and strengthening the bones, thus protecting the existing teeth. They also allow you to chew food and return your confident smile. Your trusted implant dentures in Alexandria specialists at Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery offer a wide range of dental implants, corrective surgery, All-on-four implants, and wisdom tooth removal. They also provide sinus lifts and bone grafting, among other services, to improve your dental health and appearance beyond your smile.

Am I a good candidate for implant dentures?

Do you think implant dentures may be the right choice for you? You may choose these implants due to their various benefits. So how do you know that you are the perfect candidate for implant dentures?

  •         It would help if you were of good overall health; putting implants is a surgical procedure, and the patient must be approved to undergo surgery. Going for surgery means that your health should be good.
  •         You should also have good oral health; this means you should not be having any infection such as periodontal disease; if any infection has occurred to the gums, the doctor will have to treat it first before implant dentures are placed.
  •         If you have enough jawbone, having sufficient jawbone will help support the implants. If the jawbone is not enough, the doctor may recommend you for bone grafting.

Are there risks of implant dentures?

Everything that has benefits has its risks as well. When the implants are not properly placed on the jaw, it may cause an issue. Though it is rare, the following are the possible risks you get from implants:

  •         There may be harm to the surrounding tissues during surgery
  •         Numbness or tingling due to nerve damage
  •         It may lead to infection
  •         It may lead to problems with the sinus cavity
  •         To avoid such risks, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the operation. You should also avoid smoking if you are a smoker.

How long do implants dentures last?

It is essential to know how long your implant dentures last before going for the procedure. Their longevity depends on the owner. To ensure that they last long, here are the things you can do:

  • Maintaining; You should ensure that you maintain the dentures by regularly cleaning them to remove bits of food trapped in them.
  • Routine cleaning; These dentures should as well be cleaned at least twice daily, just like teeth. Not brushing will allow the build-up of food, which can cause bacteria, affecting the area by causing disease.
  • Regular visits to the dentist are recommended to clean the implants, and any possible problems detected early. Regular checkups ensure that implant dentures are healthy and last longer.

For overall oral health, you should eat healthy food with nutrients such as vitamin D. Sticky and acidic food should be avoided to avoid damaging the teeth services. Bone stimulation is also recommended; this is done by chewing crunchy food that stimulates the bones since bones that are not used tend to reduce in density.

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