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What Type of Drug Special K Is

Special K

Special K is the common name of Ketamine hydrochloride. It is also known as Ketaject, super K, ketalar and Vitamin K. Ketamine is an acceptable prescription for both people and animal. But some people make use of it for recreational purpose in the form of powder.

It is commonly taken orally. Like most of the other drugs, Special K blocks communication between the conscious mind and other parts of the brain. Thus, the user feels he is far away from the reality.

If taken in small amount, it will give a bit of dreamy feeling. The user will feel as if he is floating outside the body. Higher dosage will have hallucinogenic or euphoric effects on the user and he will feel more disassociated from his body. At some point, the user might be unable to communicate properly. This sensation is referred to as entering in K-Hole.

Bad reactions are the major concern for some of the users. Few people may find this dissociation disturbing or scary. It may also result in confusion. It mainly effects the user’s state of the mind. If the user is really tensed, the effects may be much more. Users may become psychologically dependent on it after regular use.

Studies have shown that frequent use of this drug will result in different problems, such as unconsciousness, neurosis and amnesia. It may also lower breathing function and heart rate. For these reasons, Special K has been listed as an controlled substance all over the world.

What is the street drug called Special K?

Ketamine hydrochloride, with the street name Special K, is a dissociative anesthetic. This means it is a pain killer that works by temporarily “taking you out of your body”. This drug was originally manufactured to serve as an emergency pain killer for medical treatments and minor surgeries. Unfortunately, this drug has been exploited by people for many years due to its dissociative effect.

This drug gives a kick that helps you escape reality. For addicts, it is a convenient way to block out the “ugliness” of life. Special K is capable of eliminating anxiety, pain and provides a death-like state on the user. This drug is available in pills, powder and liquid form.

Special K can be swallowed, sniffed or injected. No matter what the route of administration is, the drug exerts the same effect. The only difference arises from the duration of use to the manifestation of the drug effects. The intravenous route of administration has been reported to be the fastest.

A couple of Ketamine users acknowledge that it is 10 times more potent than cocaine and much more affordable. Although, the drug has been enlisted as a Class C drug and banned due to being an OTC drug, it is still very much in use on the streets.

The Special K “high” usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and the side effects could be both short-and long-term. These effects include: temporal paralysis, agitation, amnesia, respiratory depression, nausea, distorted light and sound perceptions, elevated blood pressure, damaged bladder and urinary tract.

Excessive consumption could cause a complete dissociation from the body, a condition known as K-hole. Overdose of this drug also causes cardiovascular failure and death. Before you start taking Special K, think about the effects.

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