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What to expect when undergoing oral surgery

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Some oral problems could require surgery to resolve the issues, and it cannot be very comfortable if it is your first time having oral surgery. If you have never had simple procedures such as fillings prior then, oral surgery can be daunting. Oral surgery is a surgical procedure performed in or on the areas around the mouth. Look for specialists in oral surgery in The Woodlands through online search or recommendations from your loved ones.

Oral Surgery Procedures

  • Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is an oral surgery that is performed to help patients deal with diseases, trauma, or an overcrowded mouth. Your doctor will pull the teeth that are above the gum-line using forceps and remove them by a simple extraction process. Your surgeon might cut through the tissues and bones and stitch the gums while conducting tooth extraction

  • Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics surgery involves different cosmetic surgery procedures that aim at improving your looks. The procedures could include reshaping of the jawline, reshaping of the individual tooth, and inserting crowns. The surgical procedures involve the implantation of artificial teeth and dentures that make one look more appealing.

  • Oral maxillofacial surgery

Oral maxillofacial surgeries are corrective surgeries that involve procedures such as bone augmentation and nerve repositioning. Corrective oral surgeries are performed to correct birth deformities or injuries caused by trauma and diseases.

How to Prepare For Oral Surgery

You might visit a dentist that diagnoses your condition and could perform imaging using X-rays to determine the extent of the procedure required to correct your condition. You should give detailed information on your medical history, which helps the doctor know how to perform oral surgery safely. Your doctor could administer antibiotics before or after the surgery to prevent opportunistic infections.

Prepare the space you will be returning to at home after surgery and ensure that it is clean, and this will help you feel comfortable while recovering. You can also prepare your bed ahead of time such that you could sit in an inclined position. You could also arrange for transportation back home, mainly if your doctor used anesthesia that causes drowsiness.

Post Oral Surgery Recovery

The oral surgery healing process is vital for quick healing, and you should not drink or smoke anytime soon after the surgery. It would help if you also used ice packs on the pain that results from the surgery, and taking care of pain can reduce inflammation. Instead of brushing teeth, you may rinse your mouth with salty water every few hours to kill bacteria. It would help if you were patient with yourself when recovering from oral surgery, and the recovery time could be about 48 hours to a month, depending on the surgical procedure. You should eat soft foods at room temperature when recovering from oral surgery, and you should avoid using straws or eating hard, crunchy food.


Oral surgeries are standard procedures that help patients deal with oral problems such as tooth decay and dental implants, and you can conduct oral cosmetic surgeries to improve your appearance. It would help if you visited a doctor for a diagnosis of your oral condition, and a doctor could conduct imaging to know the extent of the surgical procedure. After the surgery, you should use ice packs to control pain, and it could help if you eat soft food at room temperature and clean your mouth using salty water.

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