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What are Rehabilitation Exercises All About


What are known as “rehabilitation exercises” are an assortment of exercises which have been specially designed by an experienced physical therapist, to help patients to recover from an injury or wound. Rehabilitation exercises are commonly recommended as a vital factor of a post-operative therapy programme for every patient.

  • By carrying these exercises, former patients will once again be able to recover or build up their strength, endurance, and mobility.

These types of exercises are usually undertaken alongside the expert supervision of a physician or therapist, who will suggest that all patients should continue their physical therapy exercises when also at home.

Getting Things Back to Normal

Work related exercises can involve sports rehab exercises for any sporting professionals, or physical therapy exercises for anyone who has suffered an injury at work. Quite a large number of industrial dangers can result in specific chronic conditions which therapy exercises can possibly remedy.

  • The main aim of a systematic plan of rehabilitation exercises is to increase the strength of core muscles and tendons and to put a stop to any further injury.

Ergonomic methods are a crucial factor of rehabilitation for many patients and finding a useful technique of naturally improving posture can help those people who happen to suffer from constant back or spinal pain.

A specialist may teach a patient how to alter their work habits and posture to diminish complications in the joints and muscles. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions such as shoulder or elbow tendinitis and bursitis, will much to their surprise, find that rehabilitation exercises hugely relieve their aches and pains.

The Increasingly Popular Use of Pilates

A rehab exercise programme which uses Pilates, can involve mobile physiotherapy in Perth, which has been shown to greatly improve the limited mobility which many patients experience because of injury, disease, or post-operative stress.

  • An increased field of motion is only one of the advantages of these wonderful exercises, some of which are designed to help improve conditions such as frozen shoulder, which occurs when someone cannot move that joint for a long period of time.

And, after full knee replacement surgery, patients will receive a course of rehabilitation exercises which are specially designed to help patients adapt to the use of walking supports.

Various Equipment

A course of rehabilitation will more than likely include exercises carried out on an upper body ergometer, stationary bicycle, or a treadmill. There is also a range of other types of equipment for other types of rehab exercises.

  • The treadmill is used for cardiac rehabilitation; whereas weights are applied to strengthen the upper parts of the body.

If any patient with a back, neck, or joint injury decides to go for rehabilitation exercises such as Pilates, the chances for recovery will certainly improve greatly.

Muscles, tendons, and ligaments will get stronger, plus blood circulation to affected areas is also increased which will then hasten healing and assist in a reduction of inflammation.

Getting better is what it’s all about!

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