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Vein Ablation – Common Question Answered!

Vein Ablation

Vein ablation in St. Louis is a less invasive technique in which heat is passed through a metallic rod (cathode) to destroy the damaged tissue or vein and form a scar. The scar formed on the tissue closes the vein.

This technique is used for patients having varicose veins in their legs. When veins become swollen, dilated, and overfilled with blood, it becomes a bluish-purple or red.

In this post, we have answered the most common questions related to vein ablation. 

Does complication occur after ablation?

After vein-ablation, a complication occurs, including bruising, pain at the site of ablation, formation of a blood clot in the treated vein, and irritation or a tingling effect of the nerve. These complications occur for some weeks and then disappear. If the complications persist, then you should consult your doctor immediately. 

How long is the recovery time?

The recovery of the procedure is very quick. Patients who opt for vein ablation are healed within one week and can return to their normal routine just after the next day of receiving vein ablation. 

What activities need to be avoided after vein ablation?

Patients are advised to avoid any strenuous exercise and weight lifting for at least five weeks as to give enough time to their veins to recover and adapt to the state after treatment, or it might cause severe injury to the treated vein.

Will insurance cover the cost of vein ablation? 

Insurance usually covers the cost of the ablation. This means the patient does not have to pay for the cost of their treatment as this treatment is typically very costly.

Which treatment is better for vein ablation?

In a competition between laser or radiofrequency treatment, the patient can go for radiofrequency as opting for laser treatment causes more bruising effect as lasers are designed to target the vein’s walls, and sometimes it might even rupture and cause a discharge of blood from it. Radiofrequency techniques use waves that are considered to be less harmful.

How much time does it take to achieve the desired result after vein ablation?

Patients after venous ablation can start noticing its effect on the next day after the treatment, but complete results of treatment may take weeks or even months. It may take more than a year for some patients to get complete results. 

Is there any risk after getting vein ablation?

There is a chance of getting an infection, soreness, inflammation, blood clots, and swelling. By taking proper care of yourself after the treatment, there will be a lower chance of infection or any other risks.

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